The Trials Of Keith Book One



Lea finds out that her husband, Keith, has had a brief, drunken encounter with a new secretary at the office party. She is determined to punish him, and gives him an ultimatum: submit to four weeks of severe punishment at the hands of a professional Mistress while Lea assists the Mistress with his punishment, or their marriage is over.

Keith accepts, but Lea seems to be turning increasingly sadistic towards him. Does she really want to save their marriage, or does she have rather different motives for what she is doing to him? Keith, however, while gaining the respect of the Mistress and everyone else at the House of Correction for the way he accepts and endures, may have an agenda of his own…

Published: 7 / 2011
No. words: 34000


His buttocks were now numb and felt as though they were burning. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! He was hurting badly, but he was not going to let Lea know it. “That is your punishment over, Keith, until this afternoon.”

Lea stood up and went over to Keith, and she looked at his red buttocks. She put her hand down, and with a twisted smile on her face she pressed three fingers into the left cheek. Keith tried to pull away from her.

“Don’t do that,” Katrina told him sharply. “You must never do that.”

Lea snapped back, “Are you going to give him the six extra, Mistress Katrina?”

“Go back and sit in your chair, Mistress Lea, while I administer them.”

Mistress Katrina stood at Keith’s side. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! On every stroke Mistress Katrina heard a little murmur coming from him. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! She looked at Keith’s buttocks and saw that there were no cuts, but they were glowing red. Lea had gone over the top, because Mistress Katrina usually only gave that amount of punishment to hardened players. “What have you to say, Keith?”

“Thank you Mistress Kat…. Katrina.” He could hardly speak.

“What have you got to say to Mistress Lea, Keith?”

Keith looked at her smiling, and answered, “Woof, woof.” He saw Lea’s face change to hate, and although he did not smile it made him feel better.

“I will teach you to be disrespectful. That is six extra this afternoon.”

Now Mistress Katrina was upset. “Get everyone out of here, strong arm.” Within moments, Keith was there by himself. At least, that was what he thought because he could see no one. This time, he did cry. He felt his cuffs being undone and tried to stop crying, but it was not possible. Strong arm lifted him up straight, and slowly walked him over to a massage bench where he lay face down. His head was turned towards the wall as he felt Mistress Katrina’s hands massaging oil into his buttocks. She asked, “Why are you not looking at your Mistress, Keith?”

Through the tears, he answered, “I am too ashamed, Mistress Katrina. I am letting you down with my crying and I am sorry, but she is out to hurt me and I can do nothing about it. I had to wipe that smug smile off her face. Now for telling you I was deliberately disrespectful to her, you will have to give me extra.”

“Turn and face your Mistress, Keith.”

He did as she asked and she saw how red his eyes were and the tears still running from them.

“I am your Mistress, Keith, and I look after my own, but you must hold your tongue with Mistress Lea. She will be seeking revenge.”

“I know now that Mistress Lea will never forgive me and I am getting the feeling that this is a set up. I am taking a beating for nothing. I know what she is trying to do, but I do not know why she is doing it.”

“You could say the word, Keith, as I think that is all she wants you to do. Would it be so hard for you to admit defeat? But then, of course, you signed the contract saying you wanted it hard and strict. You also signed saying you were a hardened player, Keith.”

“The hell I did, Mistress Katrina. I have been cheated as well as being set up. I will never say the word to make Mistress Lea happy. It will never end there, and I know my life would not be worth living if I did. I think she can only go on for another few days, and then she will end it once she has thrown everything she can at me.”

“Why do you say that, Keith? Do you know something that I should know?”

“This must go no further than this room, Mistress Katrina, but I know she has an important meeting in a few days time and I have every intention of stopping it happening. With all due respects to you, Mistress Katrina, I would like you to allow me the privilege of not saying any more on that subject.”

“Your secret is safe, and I will not ask you any more about it.”

“I will see this ordeal through right to the bitter end, and to hell with the shows, whatever they are. If you say they have been done before, then I trust you to be truthful and I know they cannot harm me. This afternoon, Mistress Katrina, when you serve me more of the same, I ask you not to stop for the word as it will not be forthcoming. I would just like it to be over with as quickly as possible.”

“Are you sure, Keith?”

“Yes, Mistress Katrina. It is just a small mercy that I ask of my Mistress.”

“I grant you your small mercy, Keith, and the welts on your buttocks are not as bad as they look. You are doing well, Keith. Don’t give up, and I will look after you. You will not be exercised today; your buttocks are too bruised. I want you to rest here until your next punishment. I will send a girl to keep you company.”

As Katrina stood up, Keith asked her, “You have not awarded me my extras?”

“I can’t think of any reason for you to warrant any, Keith.”

“Thank you, Mistress Katrina.”

Katrina left the basement with strong arm, and asked him, “What do you think of Keith?”

“He is fighting for survival, and he knows he is in a no win situation. Mistress Lea will not let up on him and things can only get worse from now on. The girl yesterday says he never asked her anything; he just took the beating for her. When he walked out of the first show and past me, he was smiling through his tears. I think he knows more about Lea and what she is doing than he is saying. He asked her that question to get a reaction, and he was not disappointed. He is loyal and respectful of you, and I think he will be looking to you for protection, Mistress Katrina.”

“I will give it to him, strong arm, and he will have no need to ask. And to take a beating for no fault of his doing is commendable.”

“He has something up his sleeve, and I hope for his sake he is correct and can pull it off whatever it is.”

“Yes, he seems very sure that Lea will cut the punishment short. Send a girl down to keep him company. I think he is feeling very lonely at this moment.”

Katrina came into the lounge and saw Lea sitting on the couch. She looked up as Katrina walked in. “I am sorry, Mistress Katrina, for sounding sharp. That was not my intention.”

“I see you are looking at the other types of punishment. Have you something in mind?”

“I was just looking to see if there was something that might make Keith a little more submissive. At the moment, he is very aggressive towards me and I don’t like it. This is not what I want. However, there are two that interest me and I will keep them in mind for after his punishment this afternoon.”

“You are looking for revenge, Lea. Do you not love him anymore?”

“He is my husband and it goes without saying that I love him.”

“Then why are you trying to destroy his will and break his heart?”

“I don’t think that I am. I just want my justice. They say that the punishment should fit the crime, and I agree. I also think that the punishment should be harder than the crime, so that the offenders remember the lesson. He is being so damn childish by not saying the word, and he is making me look a fool by doing these shows without question. I see in the contract that I can pick the shows, and I think that might be best from now on. He will then crack and give me the word, once he knows that it is me picking them.”

“Are you not afraid of pushing him away from you, Lea? Have you thought that he might just punish you for punishing him?”

“Not a chance. He loves me too much and he will never leave me. He is too afraid that I will leave him.”

“Would you leave him, Lea?”

“I thought about it when I heard of what he had done with the secretary. Even now I have it in the back of my mind still.”

“Are you saying that Keith is wasting his time?”

“No, but I would like to see how far he would go to keep me, even though but I wouldn’t hold my breath for the loser.”

“Why do you say he is a loser, Lea?”

“He is predictable. He is just not as exciting as some I know. Everything he does is considered and thought out. Don’t ever underestimate Keith; he has a very alert brain, and he can find something to smile about even in a crisis. He is very seldom wrong in his calculations and predictions. Sometimes I almost think he can read minds.”

It was the first thing Mistress Katrina had heard Lea say about Keith that she liked. ‘So Keith might just be playing a game in a game, and for higher stakes? Now this is beginning to get interesting.’


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