The Trials Of Keith Book Two



by Stella Fyre

Keith’s punishment continues at Mistress Katrina’s House of Correction. Far from using the time at the House to give Keith the opportunity to make amends for his alleged infidelity, his wife Lea seems intent on making him suffer and determined to destroy their marriage. Mistress Katrina’s best efforts to put the situation right are hampered by the terms of contracts they all signed at the beginning and which none of them will break, but Lea finds she can use the contract to increase Keith’s suffering.

Published: 10 / 2011
No. words: 35800


Mistress Katrina said, “Stick with it, Keith.  You have gone through more than any of the other couples that have come here for corrective training.  They have all used the word, the safeword, before the second day was over, but all were forgiven at some stage or another.  It is as you have said, Keith: you have been left to fight on your own, and your only voice of comfort has been mine.  I will not let you down, Keith, just like you have not let me down.  Trust me.”

Keith had stopped shaking, and Mistress Katrina stood back and added, “You have more friends than you think.  I must get back upstairs and organise tonight’s show once Mistress Lea picks out the details.  You will receive the flogger once more tonight, and then tomorrow morning you will receive six strikes of the cane.  There will be a girl with me to dress you in the maid’s uniform, and tonight after the show a girl will clean your nails for you.  I have to cover all angles, but I don’t think it will matter.”

“Thank you, Mistress Katrina.”

“What for, Keith?”

“For everything,” Keith answered.

Mistress Katrina walked away with strong arm following her, and she went straight to the lounge where Lea was waiting by herself.  “Sorry I have been so long but there was something that I had to do.  There is a room along the hall that we use for maid training on cleaning only.  There are pieces of furniture in there covered in dust.  Usually we set them one piece to clean with all the pieces of china on it.  They also serve tea and bring lunch.”

“Yes, I think I will enjoy tomorrow.  Keith will know what it’s like to work with respect for me.  He will do as I say, and it will be the start of a new life for him.  The show tonight I think should be number fifteen.  It looks good, and it will show that he is good for something.”

“Do you not care how Keith feels and how much you are humiliating him in front of you, strangers and me?”

“I think it is justice.  He humiliated me by doing what he did, and Keith did not care how I felt when he did that.  He will cope, just like he has coped so far, because he has done everything I set him with hardly a murmur.  He has no pride in himself.  He just meekly goes ahead and does the disgusting tasks I set him.”

“Do you think he is weak, Lea?”

“Of course he is weak.  What man would allow a woman to make a fool out of him?  What man would do to other men in front of his wife as Keith has done?  He only had to say the word, and it would all have been over for another day.  He is a wimp, weak and pathetic, and not for one moment can I see what other women might see in him?”

“Don’t you think he might be doing this because you want him to do it, to save your marriage?”

“More like to save his ass.  Everything he has done so far has been to save his ass.  He knows that if he doesn’t do them he will get extra punishment.  He will know pain when he gets that cat across his back tomorrow, and I suppose that will be more tears, Mistress Katrina.”

“There will be no cat across Keith’s back tomorrow or ever.  His back must have time to heal or he will be scarred for life.  No, tomorrow he will receive the cane, and the same the next day.  I can see nowhere in the near future where I will administer the cat to Keith.”

“Yes, Mistress Katrina, I had forgotten about that.  There is no need to mutilate his back.  Welts on his buttocks will serve the same purpose.”

“You don’t like seeing Keith cry, do you?”

“No, it is a sign of weakness.  I like to see a man stand up and be counted, like a man I do know.”

“Does Keith cry at home, Lea?”

“No, he has only started since he has been here; crying like a little baby.  It really is pathetic.”

“If you think Keith is all these things, then why are you doing all this to keep him?”

“Am I?  Yes, I suppose I am.  Keith is a very gullible person and will do all I ask without question, Mistress Katrina.”

“So you mean that he doesn’t already do all you ask?”

“He has fallen away for a while, but this training will put him back in line, and then I can do what I want once more.  I will be able to go where I want when I want without being questioned, and come back and not be made to feel guilty.  I may cut this short, as I am missing a lot out there in the normal world.”

“Right,” Katrina said.  “It is time for Keith’s punishment.”


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