The Wiles And Guiles



By Susan Strict

The Earth has been invaded by beautiful female aliens. They claim their males have been wiped out, and they need to mate for the survival of their race. Irresistible to most human males, the inhabitants of Earth fail to realise that neither the aliens’ anatomy nor their mating habits are quite the same as humans until hundreds of thousands of them are here and it is too late to stop them. Experiencing the love of one of these alien women is something few men could ever forget, both terrifying and erotic in the extreme.

An unfortunate attraction between the aliens’ Leader and Britain’s Prime Minister leads to more complications than anyone could have realised, and the interference of a sadistic alien Guardian confuses matters still further.

Published: 11 / 2005
No. words: 103500


Carijanja smiled sadly at him. “But you must like me. No male can possibly say no to me, or to any of us. It just is not possible.” As she spoke she pulled apart the top of her shiny, pink one-piece outfit so that her smooth, firm flesh was exposed and the rounded curves of her breasts with the deep valley between them was clearly visible. She cupped one hand underneath each breast, then slid each hand down her body onto the front of her thighs and in between them…

“You’re a pervert.” She was angry too, angry that he should reject her advances, but angrier still that the preferences he expressed placed him quite firmly by the standards of her race in the category of pervert, criminal, and someone to be despised and punished.

“But,” she became thoughtful, “We need to be sure.”

She called, loudly, and within a few seconds the others had returned to the room. “Strip him,” she ordered.

Jack struggled, although the strength of each woman was much greater than his, and his resistance was futile. Carijanja watched without taking any part in it. Jack was quickly naked, and being held on each side by one of the women.

Keeping her eyes firmly fixed on his groin area, Carijanja slowly and deliberately removed her suit completely, walking towards him as soon as she too was naked, and stopping only when she almost touched him. She reached down, ignored his protest, cupped her hand around his genitals and switched her gaze to look straight into his eyes….

They grasped hold of him, gripping tightly with their gloved hands. Thousands of tiny spikes on those gloves pressed into him, not actually breaking the skin but sure to tear and mutilate if he resisted or tried to pull away. The Guardians marched him, naked, from the room and along the corridors, passing numerous other women on the way. They entered another room which, unlike Carijanja’s quarters, was sparsely furnished and unwelcoming. Two more Guardians were waiting and, it appeared, expecting him.

They bent him forward over a smooth framework to which his wrists and ankles were buckled. One of the Guardians stood in front of him.

“You are here to be punished for your perversion. You will be here for as long as I feel necessary for your correction. It may be hours. It may be days. It may even be years. The decision is mine and mine alone.”

“Please….” he started to say, but she cut him short.

“You will not speak unless you are told to speak.”

“Please….” he said again.

“Gag him.”

One of the women behind him grabbed his hair and forced his head upwards painfully. She pressed a spongy ball into his mouth, fastening it in place with straps buckled round the back of his head…


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