Their Guilty Secret – Book One: Forgiven



by Stella Fyre

At the mercy of a dominatrix for a month. Will George suffer the pain and humiliation without rebelling and, worse, can he bear to watch his wife being restrained and Heinrich playing with her body?

It was a gamble. When Heinrich offered to sell George and Tanya his shares in their company at a massive discount on their true value, it was an offer they could not refuse. In return, they would have to spend a month at Heinrich’s castle in Bavaria, doing whatever they were told them to do and wearing whatever clothes they were told to wear – or nothing at all.

George had no idea what Heinrich had planned for them, and he was completely unaware that behind Heinrich’s proposal was a woman who, apparently, wanted revenge on George for something that happened many years previously.

Published: 2 / 2013
No. words: 30200


A while after the conversation in the living room, the two of them were in the Mistress’s bedroom.     The Mistress went into the en suite, leaving George stripping ready to lie on the bed naked.     When she came out of the en suite George was lying in the centre of the bed, and she stopped by the side of the bed and looked down at him with her hands on her hips.

“What do you think you are doing in that position, slave.”

“My treat.     Remember, Mistress?”

“Yes I do, and as a treat I am going to allow you to worship my body.     You have not done that since….” she had her finger to her head.     “You have never done it.

“That means you have been derelict in doing your duties.     However, I am not a hard Mistress, so I will leave your correctional training until tomorrow morning.     Now, get off the bed, you lazy good-for-nothing, and get ready to excel yourself.”

George slipped off the bed as she slipped on from the other side.     As she settled down where he had been and made herself comfortable, he asked, “Is that part of the bed warm enough and to your satisfaction, Mistress?”

“Yes, it is lovely and warm.     Thank you, slave.”

“I am so glad that my forethought in endeavouring to help you relax on a warm bed has not been a wasted effort.”

Heidi burst out laughing.     “For that kindness I will have to give you six extras of whatever punishment I decide on in the morning.     You keep forcing me to give you treats like that, knowing that I am the Mistress and knowing what I like to do.”

“Yes, Mistress, I had noticed that you are very generous with your treats.”

She was smiling as she said, “You may begin when you are ready.”

George gave a little sigh and fell to his knees at the side of the bed.     He leaned over and started to kiss her belly, and then moved over and stuck his tongue in her belly button.     Then he started to kiss his way upwards towards her breasts, until he felt his cheek touch the underside of one.     He then kissed every bit of flesh he could see, before raising his head and taking a nipple in his mouth.

He held the nipple between his teeth while his tongue licked and teased the end.     His hand gently caressed the length of her inner thigh, down to her knee and then back up. At one time the side of his hand briefly touched her sex, and she held her breath for a heartbeat. He lifted himself up, kneeling on the side of the bed, and leaned over to take the other nipple in his mouth.

His other hand now came into play as he teased the nipple in his mouth with his tongue.     The hand took the other breast and was kneading, squeezing and fondling it in all directions.

The hand below was tracing a path over her body with the fingers outstretched.     They were so gentle on the skin that they teased the nerve ends lightly, and this was making the Mistress wriggle under his ministrations. The fingers were gently moving over her pubic area, and her body was trying to push against them for some relief from the unique sensation of erotic pain.

George moved his head upwards and kissed her throat. She lifted her head to make it easier for him, and then he kissed around to her ear where he gently nibbled before moving away and back down her body. His hand touched her sex on several occasions, and each time it happened she moved her body in an effort to press against his hand, but at once he moved away.     Finally, as he kissed her belly once more, his hand touched her sex again and he pressed one finger gently into her.     She arched her body and caught her breath, but it was only for a fleeting moment and she gave a little sigh as his hand and finger moved away, leaving her body begging for more of the same.

George then kissed her inner thigh and worked his way down to her knee.     There, he moved to the end of the bed so that he was now kneeling between her widespread legs.     In a single easy movement, still kissing the inner thigh of her other leg, he slipped off the bed.

George was still kissing the inside of her leg, but he was slowly and steadily moving forward towards her sex. He could hear the Mistress’s breathing becoming more erratic and louder.     As the top of his head, still shaved clean, touched her sex, she breathed in deeply. He carried on moving up, kissing the flesh near the entrance to her sex, and when she thought George was going to give her what she wanted he moved up to her pubic area. Her hand tried to slip past his head to move him where she wanted him, but he took hold of it and threw it to the side.     She gave a sigh of utter frustration, making him smile, and he relented and moved back down, and clamped his mouth on her sex.

Immediately pressed hard against him, pushing as she writhed and as his tongue probed and pleasured her.     It was not long before he felt her body stiffen and her orgasm flooded into his mouth and over his face.     He felt her hands grasp his head gently and then hold the sides of his face as he steadily and sensually lapped and licked her clean.

For a while, they lay motionless and silent together. George felt exhausted, and it was some time before his Mistress’s breathing steadied. Then, he felt her take hold of his ears and pull upwards.

“Get up here, you bad slave.     I ought to take you down to the dungeon and whip your ass for making me beg for satisfaction.     The next treat will be mine, and you will wish you had never done that.”


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