To Be My Submissive



by Stella Fyre

Simon was lonely. He was on his own, in a smoky bar with a bottle of wine and a single glass, nearly ready to go home to his small apartment alone. As always. It was a surprise when a beautiful lady he had never seen before asked if she could sit with him and share his wine. It was more of a surprise when she took him for an expensive meal and then suggested he come home with her.

He soon found out that Mistress Patricia was looking for a lover and, much to his amazement, had picked on Simon as a likely candidate. Of course, it was not that simple. She needed to test him first, to ensure he would be suitable. As Mistress Patricia was a dominatrix, both professionally and in her private life, her tests for Simon were going to be painful and humiliating. There would be “treats” too, but would it be enough to compensate for the discomfort and embarrassment that Simon would have to endure?

Published: 9 / 2012
No. words: 31050


I like you, Simon, and I like you a great deal.  You far exceed any other person I have been out with, in charm, with your manners and with your amusing banter.  I want a lover, but not any lover at any cost.  I want a lover I can trust, and one that will trust me to look after him no matter what I ask him to do. Do you think you could learn to love and worship me, Simon?  Can you keep me satisfied and be my companion for life?”

Simon was trying to digest what she had just said.  ‘It just can’t be this easy,’ he thought to himself.  ‘What has she got in mind?  I know she is no fool.  I did say that I would do anything for her, and she is a very beautiful and interesting person.’  “I do not need to learn to love you, Miss Patricia, because I think I already do.”

“All right.  I need you to prove that, and I intend to test you for a while.  I’m going to subject you to a lot; tasks that you would not normally do and would normally not even consider doing.  You will be dressed in ways that you would think should be for the opposite sex.  You will be exposed to verbal abuse and mental abuse; you will be humiliated and you will be whipped, but you will not be really hurt or scarred.  You will, at times, be treated like dirt, but at all times you will never lose my love and at all times you will show me your love.  Do you think you could do that?”

Simon was stunned.  For a while he was unable to understand what Patricia was saying.  ‘She is asking a hell of a lot from me, but she also said that she will always love me.  Will I be able to do what she’s asking, or, perhaps I should say commanding rather than asking, because that’s the way it sounds?’ “Yes, Miss Patricia.  I have to give it a try just to prove a point to myself.”

“You would really do all that, even though you have only just met me and you really don’t know anything about me?  What reason could anyone have to agree to something like that?”

“You have just told me that you will look after me and that I have to trust you.  I will trust you until you let me down.”

“Well, there is an upside too.  Every time you do things well and to the best of your ability, I will give you a treat.  If, however, I think that you have not tried hard enough, then I will punish you.  Depending on how you take your punishment, you may still get your treat.  Do you understand that?”

“Yes, Miss Patricia.”

“And you still want to do this?  All right.  You will stay here with me tonight and every day from now on.  You can forget going to work, because you will not be working again.”

“But what if I fail, Miss Patricia?”

“Do not fail.  There are chances to recover your position all the way through the tests, even if you fail at something.  If you do fail, then you will be punished or chastised, and then you will have another go.  If you pass, even on the second attempt, then you will get a treat.”

“When will all this start, Miss Patricia?”

“It has already started.  Now follow me and I will start you off with a treat so that you know what you are aiming for.”

She stood up, pulling him up at the same time.  Holding his hand, she walked out of the lounge.  With Simon at her side, she went up the stairs and to another door where she paused.  “This is my bedroom, and this is where you will get all your treats.  It is also where you will receive some of your lighter punishments.”

She opened the door and pulled him inside.  It was a bedroom as she had said, and it was a very large bedroom.  In the middle of the room there was a huge, round bed with silk sheets and silk pillows.  The colour scheme was entirely black and white, and when Simon looked up at the ceiling he saw that it was covered with mirrors.  The lighting was soft and angled so that the light fell on the walls and very little was reflected from the mirrors.

“Now, remember what I said about doing whatever I tell you without question.  That starts now.  I want you to take off all your clothes and put them on the chair, and then stand at the end of the bed facing outward.  Do you understand what I have just asked you to do, Simon?”

“Yes, Miss Patricia.”

“That is one more thing that you must remember: from now on and until I tell you differently, you must call me ‘Mistress’.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“Good.  Now do as I say, because I want to see you as naked as the day you were born, and make sure you keep your hands at your sides.”

Simon went over to the chair and started to take off all his clothes.   He was down to his boxers when he paused and looked at Patricia, and thought, ‘she did say all,’ and off they came.  He was surprised that nothing was happening, but he thought, ‘it might be because I’m embarrassed.’  He turned around, and walked to the end of the bed as she had instructed, and then stopped there and turned to face outwards.

Patricia walked over to him and stood close to him, and as soon as she did he could feel the reaction start in his manhood.  She put the flat of her hand on his chest and smoothed her palm over him.  He had very little hair, and the sensation of her hand against his skin was pleasant.  Then the hand slid downwards, very slowly heading towards his groin.  He could now feel her fingers individually pressing against him, and then at the base of his manhood she stopped as she heard him catch his breath.  She moved away from him, and then turned and walked off across the room, telling him to lie in the middle of the bed with his arms and legs outstretched.”

Simon did as she told him, and then he watched her as she walked behind him until she was nearly out of sight.  He felt her take his hand.  Something cold clicked around his wrist, and once again he held his breath.  When she did the same to the other wrist he tried to move his hands and found that it was now impossible, and Patricia was moving back in front of him.   She bent down, took hold of his foot and pulled it to one side.  There, she fastened another cuff around his ankle, but this one was soft and, he guessed, made of leather.  Once she had similarly fastened his other ankle, he was left spread-eagled and helpless on her bed.


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