Conquering Dawn


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by John Savage

Richard had a reputation, and perhaps it was not misplaced.  Rich, powerful and handsome, he attracted many women, always achieving his objective of reaching their submissive side and gaining total and complete control over them.

Dawn was a little wild, very sexy, and had nothing better to do than to enjoy the sunny California beaches, lifestyle and many, many men – without finding real satisfaction with any of them.  Richard intrigued her, yet at the same time his arrogance and self-centered attitude repulsed her.

Richard was determined to include Dawn in the list of women he had owned body and soul.  Perhaps he would keep her, rather than discard her once she was totally obedient and submissive to him, as he had done with so many others.  Surely she could not resist his charm, and surely she would be willing to submit to whatever he wanted once she had experienced his undoubted abilities in the bedroom (and anywhere else he chose to take his women).

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“Ouch!  That hurt!”

The naked woman wiggled and tried to crawl off Richard’s knee but his strong hands held her in place, bent over his knee as he sat on the edge of the bed.

What had started as a fun game of horizontal dancing on a bed had changed when he pulled her over his knee just as she was getting all hot and bothered by his caresses, kisses, and the attention he was paying to her taut nipples.  As she was pulled onto his lap, she wondered what kind of sexual position he was trying for.  A little more foreplay would be nice, but if he was about to ram that nice-sized rod into her sex, that was okay with her.  She knew from the heat down there that she would be all juicy and ready to accept it.

Brandy – which was not her real name anyway, just the one she had given him because she felt it was much more exotic than Hilary – had considered herself lucky to have caught the eye of that handsome man in the bar.  A woman not inexperienced with being picked up and taken to bed when the mood struck her, she was happy that this one was much better looking than the average salesman traveling to their city and looking to cheat on his wife, or pot-bellied middle-aged man hoping desperately to get lucky.  This one had a wonderfully hard body, as she discovered to her delight as the clothes began coming off.  She knew her figure was not bad – not centerfold quality, but not bad at all.  And she still retained the good looks from her high school days when she had no trouble attracting the boys.

When Richard suggested that they go to his apartment after a few drinks and preliminary “feeling out” chitchat, she was happy.  This was going to be a night she would brag about to her girlfriends.  She wished she could sneak out her cell phone and take a photo of him to show those bitches who probably would not believe her.  But, before she could find some excuse to reach for her phone, she found herself in his arms, her heart beating faster, and a heat beginning between her legs as she was pressed against that hard body.  His hands were so strong, yet oddly gentle, as they removed her clothing.  In return, she began unbuttoning his shirt, eager to see what lay beneath.  When one hand wandered down below his belt, she almost gasped aloud at the size of the hard rod it found there.

She found herself on her back on a massive bed and with every stitch of clothing scattered on the floor.  She was glad she had worn her best pair of black panties and bra.  They had cost enough but, damn, they made her look good!  Too bad that they were in sight only a short bit before being cast to the floor.  In the dim light, she watched as he removed the shirt and slid out of the pants with the grace of an athlete.  Then he was kneeling over her, those strong hands sending shivers everyplace they touched and that gorgeous male body making her mouth water.

She grasped the back of his head as he bent to toy with her nipples, circling them with his tongue and sucking gently.  Nerves tingled as she arched her back to thrust her breasts upwards to get more of this wonderful attention.  Without realizing it, she was moaning softly as the heat grew.  She had consumed just enough margaritas so that it was easy to slip into pure relaxation and let her body enjoy the experience without questions or concern.  If it turned out he did not use a condom, that was all right.  She had “morning after” pills at home.

It was at that point she felt herself being pulled over his knee.  At first, her only thought was how wonderfully strong he was.  He practically lifted her from the bed and turned her over.  Her breasts were pressed against one hard thigh while the other was under her hips.  She felt her hands being pulled together and the wrists crossed.  Then, while one hand held those wrists tightly together, the other lightly patted her bare bottom.  Before she could react, that soft pat turned into a hard, stinging swat.

“Hey, that hurt!” she exclaimed.

It did not occur to her to be worried about the pain.  She well knew from experience that some men enjoyed inflicting a little pain on a woman.  And – truth be known – a little sting on her ass turned her on.

The second swat was noticeably harder.  This time she grunted but said nothing.  Instinctually, she tugged at her hands, only to find that his grip was quite solid and the wrists would not separate.

Smack!  The third was even harder than the prior two.  His guy had a strong arm and a hard hand, she thought.  For the very first time, a tiny bit of doubt entered her mind.  Just how much pain did he intend?  She hoped that she would not have to shout at him or threaten him should he one of those bastards who really, really enjoy hurting a girl.  In the gap between the third and fourth swats, she had time to realize that this spanking was making her “hot to trot,” as her mother always put it.  So long as he did not get too carried away, that would be fine with her.

Smack!  Smack!

Okay, time to call a halt.  Her bottom was beginning to burn as well as sting.

“Hey, Richard, how about throwing me on the bed and getting on with the fucking?”  She had found that men loved it when she talked dirty.  “Shove that great big, hard prick into my cunt.”

He did not obey.  Instead she jerked as the hardest of all swats landed with a loud smacking sound.

“Hey!  That hurt.  Why the hell are you spanking me?”

For the first time since they entered his fancy apartment, he spoke.  “Because I want to.”

“Well, that’s enough.  My bottom hurts.”


“Damn it!  That’s enough.”

“No, it isn’t.”

This time she made an honest effort to pull her hands apart.  And failed.  Damn, he was strong!

“Woman need to be spanked regularly,” he told her in a maddeningly casual tone.

“Who told you that crap?” she retorted, trying to force a little anger into her voice.  Truth was, so far the relatively mild burn and sting in her ass was only turning her on more.  But she was not going to admit that to him.


This time she kicked her legs, but his hand on her ass prevented her from wiggling off.

“I don’t want this!”  She was well aware she was lying, but felt she had to protest.  If she did not, he might begin to really hurt her.  She had not often thought about it, but she was aware that there were men who were real sadists, not casual amateurs, and who wanted to seriously hurt a woman.  “I want to be fucked!”  She raised her voice but tried to keep a sultry, sexy tone.  That line usually got her what she wanted.


“What you want is not important,” his calm voice told her.

“The hell you say!  Now let me up and get on with the fucking, or I’ll get dressed and walk out.”


This was getting out of hand, she felt.  Time to escalate her protests.  “If you don’t let go of me, I’ll scream.”  That usually got a man to back off.


“Ohhh…!  Damn!”

Tears began to form in her eyes.  The pain was reaching the point where it began to override the excitement it generated.  Well, almost.

“I mean it.  I’ll scream!”

Smack!  Smack!  Smack!

The blows were delivered rapidly and hard.  A loud cry came from Brandy, not really a scream but sign that the pain was reaching a higher level, a level much more than a playful spanking.

With a sudden move, she felt herself lifted and turned.  Before she could react, she was kneeling before him, facing him, her breasts almost touching his knees.  Her hands were free but he had taken a hold of her shoulders.  Her bottom was burning and hurt just enough to kept reminding her of the spanking.

“You are free to get dressed and leave,” he told her, his eyes locked on hers.  “Or you can beg me to take you back over my knee and spank you again – a dozen hard swats.  Enough to make you sincerely cry.”

Brandy was surprised.  No man had ever acted like this before.  Her first impulse was to tell him to go to hell and reach for her clothes.  But the words did not come, and her body did not pull away.  Her eyes lowered to that massive rod of flesh pointing at her.  The want of it inside her was an ache begging to be satisfied.

“You don’t have to hurt me to get me ready for sex,” she said slowly.  “I’m ready.”

“I’m not hurting you to excite you.  I’m doing it simply because I want to.”

Her mind was in a state of confusion.  What was going on here?  Part of her told her she should leave and not get mixed up with this kind of man.  But a more emotional part begged her to stay.  She could see that hard cock pointing straight at her, eager as she was for it to be shoved into someplace dark and moist.

“Can I have the fucking without the spanking?” she asked.


“Don’t you want it too?”

“Of course I do.  But there are some things more important that a momentary bit of pleasure.”


“No discussion.  Either you beg for the pain and then the screwing, or you leave.”

Brandy sniffed, and felt a single tear on her cheek.  The idea was crazy.  A dozen more swats would be more than all those so far.  At least, she thought it would be; she had not been keeping count.  And they would hurt.  No question about that.

She heard a voice saying, “Please spank me,” and realized it was hers.


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