The Great Escape Artist Contest


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by John Savage

Extreme bondage, erotic clothing, danger and excitement – it’s all in a day’s work for a female escape artist. But who is the best female escape artist in the world? Many claim to be, but Carl Hardson, the owner of Magicland, decided to find out for sure. He invited the best female artists from around the world to compete in a winner-takes-all contest. The prize? The bragging rights to being number one. Oh, and one million dollars!

That kind of money brings out the best in people – and the worst. It soon becomes apparent that someone is trying to eliminate the competition. Escapes are sabotaged, and the performers are kidnapped and tortured, all in an effort to narrow down the field. Stella Walters is one of the top contenders, but she had better watch her back. Someone is out to make sure that some of the women don’t escape…

Published: 7 / 2011         No. words: 37800


Her act was a straitjacket escape but not of the usual type. Her straitjacket was custom made and far more restrictive than the normal.  The top part was much as a normal straitjacket, with sleeves for the arms that wrapped around the front and were attached to the back of the jacket, forcing the arms into a tight wrap around the body. The top part was buckled on with leather straps and padlocks, all quite tight and secure. But then the jacket differed from the norm. There was the normal crotch strap, a wide leather strap passing between the legs and tightly buckled to prevent the jacket from being pulled up. But there was a second part, a leather sheath that covered her legs from the hips down to the ankles. That sheath had a dozen straps to hold her legs together, along with hasps to attach locks. After the sheath was secured on her legs, they would be bent double and a wide strap used to bind them in that doubled-up position. There were then several straps from that leg-binder up to the top part of the jacket to secure it and prevent it from being pulled off the legs. When it was finished, she would be strapped tightly in leather from neck to ankles and with her legs folded. It was a position from which no one should be able to escape.  Most of the normal ways of working your arms out of a straitjacket would not work because of the straps holding the top to the bottom parts.

She would be put in those leather restraints and then gagged. She would be picked up and placed inside a steel barred cage and locked in. The cage would be atop a table about four feet off the floor. A short curtain would be pulled around the cage, covering only from the top to the table level. All under the table would be completely visible to the audience.

The escape was a double one; first the straightjacket then the cage. The only negative part of the escape was that it took time. The cage was not large and gave her very little room to move around in. The locks were rigged to open by themselves two minutes after being locked. When the lock closed, it punctured a small vial of acid that then ate through a tiny metal clip. As soon as that clip was weakened enough, the lock could be shaken and would open by itself. Working her arms out would not be too hard because all the straps were not buckled as with a normal straightjacket, but locked closed. With the locks literally falling off, she could wiggle out of the leather restraints. The only problem could arise from one or more of the locks failing to disengage properly.  Because of that, she had tested over fifty locks to perfect the mechanism, and was confident that they would not fail her.

She would have a pick hidden in her rather brief costume and use that to unlock the locks on the cage.

Her best time at doing all this was five minutes and eighteen seconds.  That was a bit long to make an audience wait with nothing happening on the stage, so, as she climbed the stairs to her apartment, she was thinking about what might be done as a diversion during that time.

Shedding her clothes, she entered the bathroom and took a shower. When she emerged, damp all over, she failed to notice the dark figure hidden behind the door. A sudden shock jolted her body, and then everything went black.

From his secret observation center, Carl Hardson watched as the figure dressed in black placed the stun gun up to the back of Mistress X’s neck and as her body jerked backwards then collapsed to the floor.

He was most interested to see what the figure would do next. Leave her there and go sabotage her equipment? Or would he sabotage the naked woman lying at his feet?

Hardson had to switch cameras as the figure carried the unconscious woman down the stairs and over to her equipment. What now? The figure placed her on a table and looked around at the cages, chains and locks and boxes of leather restraints. What was he looking for?

He found what he was looking for in a cardboard box. From that he pulled several coils of rope, white nylon and about a quarter inch in thickness. Going to the naked woman, he began binding her body. The arms were bound behind her, the elbows very tightly together. Then he wrapped rope around her waist and arms, and cinched that down as tightly as he could. The man watching on the monitor could see how it cut into her stomach – it was that tight.

He bound her legs together, as usual at the ankles and again above the knees. A rope then went from the ankles up to the elbows and was used to pull her legs up into a classic hogtie. Only he pulled very hard and forced the feet up higher than her bound wrists, almost all the way to her bound elbows. Her body was forced into an arch by the tightness.

This was a very tight hogtie, and one that most people could never get out of, even a professional escape artist. Hardson noted that as the man tied her, he seemed to be exuding hatred with the viciousness with which he bound her. Did he hate just this woman? Or all women?

The hogtie was very tight and secure, but he was not finished with the unfortunate woman. From his pocket, he pulled a ball gag and forced it into her mouth. When it was buckled tightly, he tied a short rope from the back of the gag strap to her ankles and pulled until her head was lifted and pulled back. She was beginning to moan, perhaps coming out of her stunned condition.

From his pocket, he took a small role of duct tape that he wrapped around her head, completely covering her eyes. Then he stepped back and looked at his work.

There was no question that if she were not already feeling pain, she would as she awoke more. It seemed every muscle in her body was strained by the tight ropes. This kind of hogtie was only used when you wished to punish the victim. It was uncomfortable at the very start and became extremely painful before very long passed. A few hours of this kind of hogtie would be agony for any woman.

The figure then picked her up like a piece of luggage, using the rope between her ankles and elbows as a handle, and carried her over to the steel barred cage that was part of her act. He inserted her into the cage and closed the lid. Ignoring the locks lying around, he tied the lid shut with numerous windings of rope. The knots were tied very tightly and in a dozen places to make it difficult to get out of the cage. Which was clearly a case of overkill, since it was highly unlikely that Mistress X could possible free herself from the hogtie ropes.

For minute, the figure just stood there, looking at the secured package he had created. Then he draped a tarp over the cage and left.


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