Nazi Days And Nights


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by Yabba

Herman Reichmann was interested in women much more than he was interested in the politics of the Third Reich. Unfortunately for him, in the years before the Second World War, politics was not something that anyone in Germany could afford to ignore, and as the girl he had set his heart on seemed besotted with someone else, Herman joined the Nazi party to take his mind off his temporarily disastrous love life. Soon, having all the relevant qualifications, he found himself recommended for training as an SS Officer, but even in his wildest dreams he could not have imagined that it would, eventually, lead to him becoming personal aide to Deputy Fuhrer, Reich Marshal Hermann Goering, whose sexual excesses were already legendary.

** Set against a background of the worst extremes of the Nazis in Germany, this novel of sexual debauchery makes no attempt to avoid the unpleasant sadism, racism and total disregard some of the powerful elite at that time had for normal laws and morals.

Published: 10 / 2012
No. words: 30700


“This is my secretary, Greta Geisel, Herr Reich Marshal,” Herman replied.  “She is taking notes for a book I have been assigned to write about the Third Reich.”

“Ah, that is a very good idea, Reichmann,” Goering replied, “And I would like to learn more about that project, but, at the moment I am more interested in hearing what you have to tell me about SS Major Hesse and the wonderful little film he sent me recently.  I’m sure you know what I’m alluding to.”

“Yes, of course,” Herman replied.

“Schultz!” Goering remarked in addressing a uniformed aide, nearby.  “Escort Fraulein Geisel to a room where she can freshen up, until after the SS Lieutenant and I have had a chance to speak, privately.”

A few moments later, Herman and the Reich Marshal were sitting in a viewing room, speaking about the film Goering admired very much.

“I have never seen such a splendid production of pure erotica,” Goering admitted.  “You were there, watching, as the action progressed?  What can you tell me about it, Reichmann?”

Herman replied, “I understand these two individuals, the man and the woman, had never seen each other before, and they were brought together after they had been told they would be expected to perform as if they were genuine lovers.  If they didn’t, there would be dire consequences for them to suffer. That’s what SS Major Hesse told me.”

Goering laughed heartily and clapped his hands together after hearing this bit of inside information.  “They never had met beforehand, eh?  Splendid!” he said.  “But please go on.”

“As we watched,” Herman replied, “The two of them whispered for a while, as if they were discussing the details of their mutual assignment.  I think the male was trying to reassure the female and suggesting how they should react.  I believe he eventually won the female’s confidence, and that was surely a great concession.  The problem was, as the woman must have explained to him, she had never been so intimate with a man before, but through whatever he said to her, he seemed to help the woman overcome her natural nervousness.  Then, before Major Hesse and I even knew it, the two of them were kissing and hugging and sort of feeling each other out.  And, a few moments later, as the film clearly shows, she was on her knees before him, kissing and licking at his splendid erection.  The actual sucking of his cock came a little later and, I must say, she seemed to really be enjoying herself.”

“Ha ha ha!” Goering laughed, gleefully, rubbing his hands together once more, as if greatly approving of Reichmann’s vivid description.  “Tell me more!”

“The Frenchwoman’s name was Marie Dupré, and she was very busy down there between his legs, sucking his cock for several minutes and never suspecting for a minute that the man she was servicing was not a Frenchman being held in custody.”

“Who was he?” Goering asked excitedly, with his eyes showing surprise.

“He was Pierre Montrose, an agent assigned at the local Gestapo detachment of the SS Training Facility.”

Goering roared with laughter when he heard that statement, almost falling out of his chair and onto the floor.  Obviously, the Reich Marshal enjoyed being entertained by news of such a highly risqué nature.

When Goering had recovered, Herman continued.  “Major Hesse told me the French-speaking Montrose has often made a habit of playing the part of a fellow prisoner, just to win the confidence of any lovely young maiden who might be held in prison.  He does it so that he can use each one for his own purposes.  During the past year, Montrose has had the personal services of four different French beauties and two others from Belgium.”

“That lucky dog!  I’ve seen some of the other films that were made by Hesse,” Goering remarked, with another leering smile.  “But, Reichmann, in my estimation, none were as well done as this particular film.  I think it was mainly because the woman who featured in this one.  You said her name was MarieDupré?  She is extremely photogenic, and quite entertaining to watch!  Incidentally, I’ve already shown this film to a few of my friends, and they are all of the same opinion about it.  But what else can you tell me?”

“After Captain Montrose ejaculated into the woman’s mouth, there was a period of about twenty minutes while the camera was turned off.  Meanwhile, the couple was lying together on the cot in the cell, with a sheet over them.  They were in a spooning position, holding each other very close.  Meanwhile, Major Hesse went to spend a little time with his girlfriend in his office, while I went down the hall to take advantage of another captive woman the major had left in a room for my own purposes.”

“Was she cooperative, Reichmann?” Goering asked, his eyes ablaze with lust and keen interest.

“She had no choice, Reich Marshal.  SS Major Hess had the woman left fully naked and tied, face down, to a table in the room, so it was quite easy for me to take full advantage of her.”

This news brought another loud, roar of laughter from Goering, and he reached to slap Reichmann on the knee.

“You devil, you!” Goering exclaimed, acting as though he and Herman were great old friends.

At this point, there was an interruption by a courier with a note, but the Deputy Fuhrer of the Third Reich waved his hand in that direction and hollered, “If that note isn’t from the Fuhrer, it can wait until I’m finished here.  GET OUT!”  And then, turning toward Herman, Goering said in a much more congenial tone, “Tell me more, Reichmann.  Tell me more!”

“I confess, Herr Reich Marshal,” Herman replied, “I used the unknown woman a total of three times that same afternoon and early evening.”

This shocking news produced another roar of robust laughter from Goering.  He even had tears in his eyes toward the end.

“More!  More!  Tell me more, Reichmann.”

“When I returned to the viewing room, SS Major Hesse had just arrived and we watched as the couple got into a standard missionary position on that old army cot.  After she, very happily, brought him to another erection with her mouth, Captain Montrose penetrated Marie Dupré very nicely, and, as the film clearly shows, the scene was taken from behind them.  Montrose is a genuine cocksman, as you can clearly see, and we watched as he literally plowed his way into that young Frenchwoman.  I think the best part was in seeing how Marie Dupré was quite agreeable in taking all he had to offer!  She held him in her arms and legs very cooperatively throughout and until each of them had finally reached a sexual conclusion of their own.  And THEN, just after they had finished their long period of resolute, and picturesque fucking, the entire bottom of that canvas cot they were lying on, well, it started ripping apart, not all at once, Herr Reich Marshal, but slowly, from end to end, and they couldn’t do anything about it but listen to that intermittent ripping sound.  And so they both ended up falling to the floor with the wooden legs of the cot clattering all around them!  I had never seen anything like it.”

Goering laughed heartily, long and loud once again, and after Herman’s report he shook his head in great merriment before asking, “Was Montrose all right, after falling to the floor?”

“Neither of them was hurt, but they both started laughing, uproariously and, as you were able to see on the film, Reich Marshal, that was the way the film ended – in a cloud of dust!”


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