Prisoner on the Moon


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by John Savage

Hidden on our moon is a secret prison. It has only a few prisoners, each condemned to a life sentence of pain and torture. A quarter of a million miles away, it is the perfect prison; impossible to escape from, and a place where the sadistic nature of its jailers can be given free rein upon helpless females with no fear of retribution.

It is to this hidden place that Kimberly Hunt is sent. The poor girl is innocent of any wrong doing; her only crime is accidently knowing a secret that must be kept hidden. From the moment she arrives, she is kept in constant restraints and abused. The whip kisses her tender flesh and tight ropes crush her limbs. Her body is used repeatedly. And through it all, there is the constant realization that this will continue for the rest of her life.

Published: 7 / 2010         No. words: 37,300EX1t

“I did nothing wrong.”  Kimberly said each word slowly and with emphasis.

“Oh, I’m sure you think you’re innocent.  But the truth is that it doesn’t matter.  You’re here and you’ll stay here.”

He reached out and touched her long, shining black hair gently.  She pulled her head away.

“I was never on trial.  I was arrested by some security types in plain clothes and then keep a prisoner.  My hands and feet were shackled and a hood was kept over my head.  This is not fair.  I’m entitled to a fair trial.”

“Tut, tut, my dear.  That’s the story I’ve heard from everyone who has been brought to me.  No trials, no juries, no publicity.  You did something that you shouldn’t have.  Or you know something that is dangerous – to someone in power.”

He paused as if leaving an unasked question in the air.  Kimberly tensed.  Yes, that was it!  Something she knew.  And suddenly she knew exactly who had ordered her to “disappear”.  But how much should she say out loud?  “Do you know why I’m here?” she asked.

“No.  There is never any paperwork.  And, besides, it really doesn’t matter,” he chuckled again.  “You’re here, and here you will stay.”  His voice softened a bit, and he made an attempt at a friendly smile.  It failed.  “Actually,” he told her, “you’re lucky.  In other times you would simply have been killed and your body dumped in the ocean.  Or something along those lines.”  He paused for a moment before adding, “Of course, after a while here you may wish you have simply been eliminated the old fashioned way.”

“If this place is so escape-proof, why am I tied to this chair?” she asked, eager to change the subject.

She was still wearing the dull gray prison jumpsuit they had given her when her clothes had been taken away.  And she was sitting in a metal chair, her ankles tied to the front legs and her hands tied behind the back with the wrists crossed.  It felt as if the chair was bolted to the floor.

“I said this is maximum security.  That means that you will always be secured in some manner.  Always.”  He sounded as though he was coming now to the more enjoyable part of his lecture.  “You will always wear shackles at the very least.

And other restraints at other times.”  He smiled evilly.  “There is one other aspect of this facility that I should make you acquainted with.”

He waddled a step forward and with surprising speed swung his hand at her.  The slap was loud.  “Oh….!”  She cried out at the unexpected shock.
“This is your first lesson.  I have just caused you some pain.  If you were not dressed in that jumpsuit, I would have done something else, but this will serve.  Those assigned to this facility have more to their sentence than mere incarceration.  You are to be punished.  On a daily basis.  Your stay with us is to be made uncomfortable, not a vacation.  You will be whipped, suspended and other tortures to assure that you are in pain.  Myself and the staff here have free rein in the selection and administration of your punishments.”

“You can’t be serious!” Kimberly cried.  “Our government doesn’t do that!”

He only grinned.

“No!  This can’t be right.  We don’t torture prisoners.  That went out with the Spanish Inquisition!”

“Welcome to the Lunar Inquisition!”  His laugh was both evil and depraved.  “You look like you have a pretty nice body under those clothes.  I’m going to enjoy administering many of your punishments myself.”

There was no mistaking the promise of sexual abuse in his leer.  Kimberly jerked at the ropes holding her but they were tight.  She shook her head.  This could not be happening!  It had to all be a bad nightmare.  But the bite of the ropes and the hard chair under her spoke of reality.

“You’ll learn about the punishments as they happen.  As to the rules of the Pit, they are simple.  One, you obey any order given you by any personnel.  Two, you do not attempt to escape.  Three, you do not strike or attempt to harm any of the personnel here.  Extra punishments will be given for failures and insubordination.  And very severe punishments will be given for escape attempts or attempts to harm anyone of the staff.  Do you understand?”

Kimberly shook her head as if to negate the whole horrible scene.  This just could not be happening to her.

Conrad reached out and pulled on the zipper by her neck.  The front of the jumpsuit peeled open down to her waist.  He pulled the fabric off one shoulder to expose a breast.  “Very nice,” he muttered.  “Very nice, indeed.”  Then he took the already rigid nipple in between his thumb and forefinger and squeezed.

Kimberly howled.  It was a vicious squeeze with the thumbnail digging into her flesh, and it hurt very much.

“I asked you a question.  Do you understand the rules?”

“Yes, yes, yes,” she cried quickly.

“Very good.  I’m going to leave you here for a while, but tonight… Ah, tonight!  I’ll see to giving you some private punishment.”  There was no mistaking the sadistic leer on his pudgy features.  Kimberly felt sick inside.

For a few seconds, he flicked the sore nipple, delighting in the discomfort it caused the tied down woman.  Then he sighed and left her alone in the cone of light but otherwise surrounded by darkness.




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