Repression 2 – Rebellion


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by John Savage

Dawn Cranston, the heroine of Repression, is back after having escaped from the evil of Saint Secundina’s, a prison and den of perversions disguised as a religious abbey. With no place safe and no friend to help, she is on the run from those who would gladly see her dying a slow, painful death. While searching for the rumored resistance movement, she inadvertently causes an old friend to be sentenced to a lifetime of pain in that same Saint Secundina’s.

In the meantime Sheri, an important member of that underground, is arrested and shipped in chains to a specialized interrogation center that inflicts unbelievable pain to extract every bit of information a prisoner knows. She resists but as her body is tortured and abused, it will be only a matter of time before she reveals a very important secret, something the underground must prevent by any means.

‘Any means’ happens to be Dawn. Against her desire, she has to go back into Saint Secundina’s, where painful memories haunt her, and into an even worse place that makes Saint Secundina’s look like kindergarten picnic. Pretending to be a nun, she searches for Sheri and encounters more whippings, torture with electricity and other abuses of the female body than she would have thought possible. When her deception is discovered, it is her body that becomes the target of those skilful torturers.

This is the second book of the four book series.

Published: 10 / 2009           No. words: 39,800EX1t

The two nuns moved her over so that she was standing above a rod sticking out of the floor. Sheri looked down at the rod below her and was puzzled. The end of it looked like a man’s penis! It was apparently made of plastic molded into a very accurate likeness, even down to the colors. But as she looked closer, she realized that this was bigger than any male penis she had ever seen, which was not a large sample of all possible penises but enough to get a fair idea of what to expect. This was king-sized, no doubt about that. She overheard one of them calling it a “dildo,” whatever that meant.

Then she realized that she was standing directly over it and she was naked. If that thing were to come up…!

It did come up. Some kind of motor was attached to the shaft and it began to rise with a slight humming sound. It twisted slowly around as it rose. Sheri squealed and tried to back away but the nuns expected that and held her firmly. She tried to kick one of them. She did not want that thing inside her! The kick was blocked and a slap delivered to her face, stunning her for a moment. Then she felt a sharp pain in her right breast. Looking down she saw that the other nun had taken her nipple between thumb and forefinger and was squeezing. The bad part was that she was digging in with her fingernails and that made it much more painful.

Sheri whined but could not back away while her nipple was held captive. The nun then grabbed her other nipple, and with just two fingers and two thumbs held the girl in position. The other nun was on her knees, positioning Sheri’s hips so the upcoming monster was sure to hit its target. Sheri felt the head of the beast pressing against the opening and lifted up on her toes, a tactic that only gained her a few seconds grace before it was again pressing eagerly at her vagina entrance.

It was inevitable. One nun held her in place by the nipples, while the other spread her labia to grant entrance to the replica. They backed off only when it was high enough so that Sheri could not step off it. Still it hummed to itself and continued to push up into her. She was already standing on tiptoes and whining at the discomfort. Up it came until it seemed to be up against some internal barrier. Its further efforts to enter her became painful instead of just uncomfortable. She cried out and begged them to stop it.

They did, or the motor was set to stop when it encountered enough resistance. Either way, it halted its upward motion but did not lower at all. It was a very solid rod that could not be dislodged or moved even if she had her hands to try with. She was left standing on her toes with no way to get off that thing inside her.

One nun checked the ropes on her wrists, found no adjustment needed, then they both left.

Sheri wanted cry out for them not to leave her. The question immediately in her mind was how long? A few minutes would just be unpleasant. Ten or twenty minutes would be uncomfortable. More than that would become painful, she was certain.

She tried the ropes around her wrists again without results. She tried to lift one leg as high as she could, hoping to be able to lift off the beast. No chance. She settled back down on her toes.

Minutes passed. Was this all there was, simply a prolonged, very uncomfortable standing but nothing else? It looked like that.

The muscles in her lower leg were getting tired. More time passed and they began to burn. Some more time and they were trembling. It was about then that she realized she was not as high on her toes as she had been. Yes, it was actually easier to stand there! Was the thing lowering? No, she had not heard any motor sound. And it did not really seem lower. She came to the conclusion that her body had accepted some more of the monster. She had sunk a bit more onto it.

With a sigh, she wondered if she would sink down until her feet were flat on the floor. If she did, she would undoubtedly be in intense pain.

She kept looking around her, hoping they would return. Surely they did not intend to leave her like this for a very long time. Did they? Maybe a few hours was not much time to them, but it would seem an eternity to her.

Despair was making serious inroads to her hopes when she felt something inside. Yes, it had lowered a bit! Go on, you bastard! Get all the way out.

It was, indeed, lowering slowly. But it came to a halt well short of the distance that would allow her to step off it. Then it started back up. Sheri moaned. This could not be! They would not dare! The shaft reached an upper limit which forced her high on her toes, then began back down. It was as she feared. The artificial penis was duplicating its male counterpart’s motions!

Slowly up, then slowly down. Up and down, twisting slowly around as it did. The motion was not without its effect upon the young woman. It is impossible for a woman to ignore something that large sliding up and down inside her sex. She might tell herself to ignore it, but her body knew what this was and responded with a warming of her sex. The dildo increased its speed just a bit and she felt just a bit more heat between her legs. Skillfully as any experienced male, it worked Sheri to higher and higher states of arousal. By the time it was taking only a second on each trip, her eyes were closed, she was breathing very hard, and flushing all over her face and down her neck. Fighting to keep from an orgasm, Sheri knew she was fighting an uphill battle, one it did not take her long to lose. The dildo began to vibrate as it pumped away inside her. That was all she could take. Her vagina exploded into a fireball and she tilted her head back to utter an animal cry of pleasure.

Having an orgasm is normally a wonderful thing for a woman. But when she was standing upright and impaled on a rigid shaft, it could be quite unpleasant. If she spaced out, she might not be able to keep standing. If that happened, she might fall and that shaft do some damage inside her. So Sheri could not abandoned herself to the glorious feelings. She had to clamp down on the ecstasy and keep on her feet.

It was not easy. She danced around on her toes and had to make an effort to straighten her legs. Her body wanted to curl up into a ball, but she fought it. When finally she was off the orgasm enough to stop worrying about falling, she was panting, exhausted and strangely happy. It has been about the most unusual orgasm she ever had, but, like most of them even when not the best, it was still pretty good.

This is torture? she wondered as she became calmer. Maybe they miscalculated. Maybe they had not intended for her to have an orgasm in the first place!

Now all she had to do, she told herself, is stand there and wait for them to let her off. That should not be too bad. The dildo was near its high point inside her but not as painful as it had been at first.

Then she heard the humming sound. “Oh, shit!” she said aloud. “It’s starting again!”


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