Rope Streaking


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by John Savage

Streaking: the act of running naked, except for shoes, in a public place.  But when the girls from the secret club at Hooker Wells College resurrected the tradition, they did it in bondage of one sort or another. In a conservative small town like Hooker Wells, it was shocking, to say the least, and the public displays became more and more extreme as the Sheriff tried to catch them.

* * * Note: this was an experiment — a short, short novel, only 9700 words, more of a long short story actually.  But it was offered at a smaller price to see if people would be interested in this type of entertainment.

Published: 3 / 2011         No. words: 9,700EX1t

Deputy Sanders was cruising slowly down Main Street late Friday night, checking to make sure that there were no drunks in the parking lot of the town’s only two bars. When it came time for his lunch break, he radioed into the department his off-duty status and drove to the Red Barn Doughnut and Coffee Shop. Leaving his patrol car in the parking lot, he made his way inside, sat in his usual booth, and ordered his usual hamburger, fries, two chocolate doughnuts and a chocolate milkshake. Also as usual, he considered ordering a diet cola and no doughnuts instead, because of his spreading waist, but gave in to his addiction to chocolate – as usual.

Unbeknownst to the deputy, skulduggery was afoot just a few feet away. Two figures emerged from behind the building, carrying a third person in their arms. They had to carry that person because she was tightly bound with ropes and totally unable to crawl, let alone walk by herself. Michelle and Rachael were carrying Mary, who was, as you might have expected, totally naked save for the ropes, a hood over her head and a stylish pair of black patent leather high heels. They placed her on the hood of the patrol car, pushed her back so that she was leaning against the windshield, and then stood back. Mary had not the huge breasts of Rachael, but hers were firm as youthful breasts often are, and large enough to please most men. Her body was on the slender side, but also pleasing to look upon.

Then came the dangerous part. Both of the clothed, unbound women pulled digital cameras out and quickly took several photos. The flashes lit up the parking lot, briefly but brightly enough to attract attention from those inside the doughnut shop.

Fortunately for them, no one inside took any notice, especially not the deputy who was just finishing his hamburger and eyeing the chocolate covered doughnuts.

They put away their cameras, and pulled their helpless friend from the hood, nearly dropping her on the gravel in the process. A muffled cry came from within the hood when Mary felt herself being dropped, but fortunately it was not loud due to the large rubber ball gag that was strapped tightly in her mouth. They managed to get her back to their car behind the building and into the backseat. They then, with incredible chutzpa, locked the car and walked around to the front door and entered. Casually, they went to the counter, ordered coffee and doughnuts and proceeded to calmly eat and drink while watching Deputy Sanders finish his meal and leave. They had trouble keeping straight faces when he told the clerk behind the counter that it was a “really dull” night with nothing happening in town.

Eventually they finished, strolled out to the car and drove home, where they untied her legs, put a coat over her and helped the hooded and still partly bound young woman into the apartment.

The next day, copies of the best of the photographs were found in a plain brown envelope on the doorstep of the Hooker Tribune, the Sheriff’s Office, the City Council meeting room, and the Mayor’s office. Copies were also emailed to almost everyone in town who had an email address. Care had been taken to route the emails through an anonymous server so that they could not be traced.

The photos showed, in very clear detail, the naked woman sitting on the Hooker Sheriff’s Department patrol car. The tight ropes binding her legs together could easily be made out, as could those numerous windings of rope around her torso, crisscrossing her breasts and indenting her waist. Her bound arms could not been seen in the front shot, but there was another photo showing her twisting to one side to show that her arms were also tightly bound behind her. The hood completely hid her face. From the color photos, you could not even tell what color her hair was – her pubic mound had been neatly shaved clean.

All hell was breaking loose in Hooker Wells!


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