Ropes and Spurs


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by John Savage

In the Wild and rugged West, in a hidden canyon off a dusty trail to California, there lives a secret sect. Their beliefs run deep, based on one overriding principle: women should be kept as sex slaves, constantly chained or bound, and always available for sexual use by any man who wishes to use them.

Into this hidden canyon, by complete accident, fall Marshal Talon Stryker and his prisoner, a beautiful woman by the name of Katrina Bellows, being taken back to California by the Marshal to hang for murder.

It seems there is no escape from the canyon, but adapting to the new way of life is not easy, either for Katrina or for Marshal Stryker. But hot on the Marshall’s trail is Katrina’s sister, the powerful and imposing Gertie, and with her is her own prisoner – Marshal Stryker’s young sister, kept tied and forced to satisfy Gertie’s lesbian desires.

Published: 6 / 2011        No. words: 56,200EX1t

It was nighttime when they awoke.  A noise outside their door awoke Stryker, his hand immediately going down to where the gunbelt would normally have held his weapon.  But there was no gunbelt and no weapon.  Fortunately, the noise was only Brother Calvin.  In the dim light he stood there, waiting to see if they were awake.

“Come on in, Brother,” said Stryker.

“I looked in earlier but you were both asleep.  I hope you’re feeling better?”  He seemed genuinely concerned.

“I feel better,” agreed Stryker.  Katrina mumbled something and was slower to wake up than Stryker, but her eyes were blinking.

“There were a few things we did not discuss earlier,” Brother Calvin launched directly into the purpose of his visit.

“For one thing, I see that you have only that pair of handcuffs for your woman.  Is it your practice to keep her in iron shackles always?”  He paused a second.  “Or would you like some rope?”  He pulled out a small length of coiled rope and offered it to Stryker.

“I’ve never seen rope like this before,” he said as he took it.  “It’s soft, yet strong.  Wouldn’t work well on a cow but…”  He looked over to Katrina who was now sitting up a couple feet away.

“It works very well on women,” agreed Brother Calvin.  “We make it from a plant that grows a little further up the valley.  It’s like cotton, I guess, but I’m no expert on plants.”

Stryker nodded his head a little, and said, “Thank you.  I can use a small supply.  I have used rawhide strips and coarser rope before, but the handcuffs were the most common restraint.  This will be much nicer to use and more comfortable for Katrina.”

Katrina held back a snort that would have shown just how grateful she was for the gift of more restraints.

“I will have Dawn bring some lengths to you,” Brother Calvin offered graciously.  “Tomorrow I will show you the cave in which we found you,” he said unexpectedly.

Stryker lifted on eyebrow.  “If you wish,” he said slowly.

“Oh, come now, Brother Talon,” said Brother Calvin.  “We both know that you will try every place you can to find a way out of this valley.  We did when we first came here too.  Only after you have tried will you believe me that you two are  trapped here as surely as the rest of us.  And only after than will you come to accept God’s hand in your coming here.

You are most fortunate that you found our Promised Land.  Undoubtedly the disbelievers outside have given you a hard time, just as they did to us.”

“Yes, sir,” agreed Stryker, hoping that Katrina was paying attention.  “It was not easy.”

“So, you see that it was by God’s good graces you were chased here.  Sometimes I think he put that band of Apaches outside for just that purpose.”

“Undoubtedly,” agreed Stryker.  He laid the rope down only an inch from Katrina’s hip.  “There is also the question of what we can do to contribute to the community.”

“We will talk of that tomorrow,” interrupted Brother Calvin.  “Time enough after I’ve shown you the whole valley.”

“Thank you.”

Brother Calvin turned to leave, but paused at the door.  “There is one other thing that perhaps we should discuss.  It is a minor point, but one that will make your joining our community easier.  I do not know how the Brotherhood practices the Holy Laws in the outside world.  Perhaps your woman was wearing all those clothes so you would fit in better with the unbelievers.  But in this valley there is no need of them.  All our slavegirls here go either naked or with just a loincloth.  The weather is never really cold here and little is needed in the way of clothing.”

Brother Calvin looked at Stryker for a long second.  “I will have Dawn also bring a loincloth for your slavegirl.”  Then he was gone.

“A loincloth!” hissed Katrina.

“Hush, woman!” Stryker hissed right back.  “I know you are used to wearing clothing because of the unbelievers, but here we are among our kind.”  He pointed to the open door as he spoke, hoping that Katrina could see him in the dim light.

“Sorry, Master,” she said evenly.  “I was foolish to not think of that.”

The words were in case Brother Calvin listened outside, and both of the newcomers knew it.  They just hoped Brother Calvin did not.  Katrina stuck her tongue out at Stryker to show him how she really felt about the whole situation.

Only a few minutes later Dawn entered the room, her arrival announced by the flickering light of a torch.  Both Stryker and Katrina were surprised to see that Dawn carried the torch in one hand and a bag in the other, but both hands were tied behind her back.  She knelt down to offer them both to Stryker.  He took the torch and bag, sticking the torch into the fire pit.

Dawn turned to them both and smiled sweetly.  “Brother Calvin said to bring those to you,” she said happily.  “I’m glad that you’re going to be living with us here.  It is so nice to see a new face.”  The way she was looking at Stryker’s suggested that she would be very happy to see more of his.

The Indian maiden wore only a very small loincloth, the two rectangles of leather held in place over her pubic hair and bottom by a thin leather thong around her hips.  Stryker found a warming feeling in his loins and thought to himself that this young woman was sexier wearing that loincloth than she would have been completely naked.  The soft leather hinted at the secrets contained within.  And those hands being tied behind her made her even more attractive.  After having forced thoughts of sex out of his mind for the last week, and the week before that as he chased down his prisoner, he now found himself thinking how nice it would be to be with a woman.  With this lovely Indian maiden, or…

Suddenly, he realized that there was another woman present and there would have to be some working out of arrangements.  Perhaps falling into this valley had changed things.

Dawn sank to her knees before Stryker and leaned forward to place her lips against his.  She kissed him gently but with passion, demonstrating in those few seconds of lip touching that she found him attractive and wanted him.

Stryker was a little bit flustered by the unexpected demonstration, but was even more surprised when Dawn shuffled over to Katrina and repeated the same gesture on the golden haired girl sitting there.  Perhaps Katrina was so surprised that she did not think to protest.  But whatever the reason, she did not pull back as Dawn kissed her full upon the lips.  It was not a sisterly kiss, either.

The fact was that Katrina felt a strange stirring inside her as the Indian girl kissed her.  And the kiss left her feeling strange for long minutes afterward.

When she turned, she found Stryker staring at her with that silly grin on his face.  He looks much younger when he smiles, she thought.  Actually, he’s an attractive man.  Suddenly she hoped he did not see the blush she was sure was on her face.

The bag proved to contain five lengths of that white rope, making an even half dozen with the one Brother Calvin had given him.  And a leather loincloth.  Stryker held it up for Katrina to see in the firelight.

Katrina was sure she was blushing hard now.  The very idea of her wearing that skimpy thing was shocking to her.  She tried to change the subject.  “I’m hungry.”

“You’re going to wear this,” Stryker stated firmly.

“No, I am not!” stated Katrina equally as firmly.

“Brother Calvin expects it.  He and the others will be suspicious if we don’t fit in.”  He kept his voice low but she heard the hardness in it.  And she could find no argument against his command.  They were indeed strangers in a strange land.

Katrina sucked in air to brace herself, and then capitulated.  “If you’ll unlock my hands, I’ll put it on.”

Stryker stood and helped her to her feet.  As he unlocked the handcuffs, his head was next to hers.  He whispered, “I know you don’t like this, but we have to fit in.  We’ll find a way to escape eventually.  There has to be a way out of this canyon.”

His words gladdened her heart.  After rubbing her wrists a bit where the steel had chaffed the skin, she put her fingers to the button in front of her jeans.  Damn it, she said to herself as she unfastened her jeans and pulled them down.

Damn the way he’s looking at me.  But it also sent a shiver of strange feeling racing down her spine, as if she both hated and was strangely attracted to this hunk of a man.

It was an effort to divest herself of all garments, to stand before her captor completely naked.  But she did it.  He handed her the loincloth.  The rawhide was a little short and she had a bit of trouble tying enough of a knot to hold it in place, but she managed.  Perhaps the Indian girls and those white women she had seen were all smaller in the hips than she was.

“There, happy now?” she said as she stood in the golden firelight, hands on hips and legs spread slightly in defiance.

“I thank you,” he said simply.  It was then she really knew that he was not like most other men, leering at her ample figure all the time, undressing her with their eyes every time she went into town, and pawing her over every chance they got.

Without a word, she turned and crossed her wrists behind her back.  He picked up one of the lengths of rope and used it to bind those wrists.  He tied the ropes tightly but not cruelly so.  Katrina knew that she would be unable to free herself; the wrappings were too tight and the knots tied tightly and up between her arms where her hands could not reach.  But he had made the bondage half way comfortable.
“Let’s go and see if we can find some dinner,” he said, taking her bare arm and turning her towards the door.  He picked up the torch to light their way.

Feeling very strange about this, Katrina followed him outside.  Once out the door, he dropped her arm and headed for the place where they had had their first meal in the Promised Land.  Katrina fell into step two paces behind him.  It was both humiliating and oddly exciting to be walking around naked and bound behind this man.  She was not sure if she liked it or not.

Katrina ate her second meal with her hands tied behind her, leaning forward from a kneeling position to take the food with her mouth and to drink from a bowl of water like a dog.  Yet it was not as bad as she had expected.  Not even when the loincloth shifted aside as she knelt down to expose some of her golden pubic hair.  Defiantly, she refused to wiggle to straighten it.  If these people, and Marshal Talon Stryker too, wanted to see her pubic patch, let them look.  She had a very good body and knew it.

It was only after the meal and while they were slowly walking back to their room that she realized a good part of her feeling defiant and not so shamed was that she had a man she felt very good about.  He was her protector.  Captor, too, but protector nevertheless.  That felt good.

Back in their room, they both stood for a while, looking at each other, with many unasked questions hanging in the air.

Finally, Stryker used the torch to ignite some wood in the fire pit, and then put the torch out in the sand outside their door.  Inside, the room was dim but glowing a warm yellow from the flames of the small fire.  Katrina was still standing there, not saying a word, not moving.  The glow of the fire upon her long legs and full breasts was like

nothing Stryker had ever seen before.  She was lovely, beautiful and pure sex.  He felt a longing deep inside, a very intense longing for this woman.

He had felt a longing for other women, especially since his wife had died, but he had keep his emotions pretty much in

check.  But this woman… She was something different!  He had not felt such longing since he was first married.

Katrina tilted her head back as he took her in his arms.  The kiss was long and surprisingly gentle considering the passion they were both feeling.  The heat and overriding lust would come soon enough; this first kiss was a message of love.

She pushed her body against his and felt the rigid manhood pressing against her thigh.  Their second kiss was more heated, more filled with pure animal lust.  His hands found her body, touched places already heated by inner fires, and she moaned.  As his hands guided her down to the blanket, she whispered in his ear, “Don’t untie me.”  A moment later, she added, “It wouldn’t look right.”

For a little while, until the rapidly raising passion overwhelmed them both, she wondered why she had said that.


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