Sadistic Max


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by Yabba

Max Monroe was a sadist. He enjoyed watching women being punished and humiliated, but what he really wanted was to be administering that punishment and humiliation. Unexpectedly, Max finds a suitable submissive, but young Kitty Williams has another who wants to use and abuse her, and for lesbian pleasures rather than the exclusively heterosexual relationship Max had in mind for her.

Max hardly hesitates. He makes up his mind to make Kitty’s would-be lesbian Mistress his slave, one way or another.

Published: 3 / 2010
No. words: 62700


“I’ll sit here,” Max instructed, “and you can assume a kneeling position between my legs, Miss Williams.”

“Oooo, I like this idea very much, Professor,” Kitty Williams responded, and it made Max smile to himself. He liked the young woman’s unmistakable submissive attitude. It was one of complete subservience toward Max, and he highly approved.

“First, I want you to pin your hair back from your face,” Max ordered, “so it won’t be dangling in the way.”

“As you wish, Professor,” Kitty answered with a smile, and, while kneeling naked before him, the luscious beauty lifted her arms up to accomplish the minor, routine task. As Kitty did so, her exposed breasts were thrust slightly upward, and it made Max smile to see such pretty, pink nipples clearly on view before him. He wondered how many other men, young or old, would have enjoyed being in such an enviable position with lovely Kitty Williams at that august moment?

When Kitty’s hair had been gathered into a single, neat ponytail, Max reached to grip her hair very tightly. Afterward, he could not resist tweaking at Kitty Williams’s tender nipples. The intimate action made her wince, but the young lady was clearly pleased, especially when she heard Max telling her, “Now, I want you to show me how much you’d REALLY love to be sucking my cock! Don’t keep me waiting!”

Kitty Williams was thrilled to hear such words from the man she already adored, and she replied, “As you wish, Professor!”

“Show me!” Max insisted.

It was at this magic moment, Kitty Williams was finally able to give vent to the intrinsic desire that had been haunting her submissive female mind for so long. She had wanted to be engaged in such exciting intimate activity, and now, it was becoming an actual reality! How absolutely sublimely wonderful, she thought!

You have such a beautiful penis, Professor,” Kitty remarked in taking a gentle grip of his male member for the first time. “Your penis looks EXACTLY the way I thought it would, – and I see it’s already oozing a bit of liquid passion. Did I cause it to do that?”

“Yes, you certainly did, Miss Williams” Max replied. “And it’s called a cock, not a penis! Let me hear you say it!”

Kitty Williams replied, “It’s a cock! A very beautiful cock!”

“Good!” Max smiled. “Now, show me how much you want it.”

With that said, Kitty Williams’s succulent lips made their first contact with Professor Max Monroe’s elegantly proud erection. It was a memorable moment not to be forgotten by either of them.

Her warm, soft, wet lips kissed at the tip of the professor’s eager shaft, before slowly sliding down to envelope as much of the length as possible in her mouth. The college student’s tongue also was playing a swirling game against the professor’s most sensitive flesh. It was almost as if pretty Kitty Williams was saying “Hello” to the masculine entity of her dearest, deepest longing.

In response, the engrossed professor let out a loud, audible sigh of undisguised lusty approval. Kitty Williams was greatly pleased by his immediate reaction.

Since Max obviously approved, the young beauty felt justly liberated to continue what she had begun. Thus, the initial contact between the two of them lasted almost a full minute, before Kitty briefly paused to lift her head, – licking the moistness from her lips – to make a brief comment.

“You’re simply wonderful, Professor, and all I hoped you would be. I am in love with your wonderful cock!”

“You may continue, Miss Williams,” Max managed.

And so, the young college student dutifully resumed her oral adoration of Professor Max Monroe throbbing, wet erection. She licked and sucked in a steady consuming action, giving vent to her latent ardor, while hoping she could continue pleasing the professor to the best of her ability.

The ongoing event was almost as Kitty Williams had long imagined it would be. Her oral efforts were causing the professor tremendous delight, and equally as much excitement for herself. How wonderful it all was, she thought!


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