Sex Slave Training


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by Yabba

“The purpose of the female is to serve male desires.” So said Tad Black, but he was a professional. He made a living by training women to please their husbands, and had no concern for their own needs. If he had to administer pain to achieve his objectives, then Tad Black liked it all the more. If a chastity belt was required, then Tad Black thought nothing of locking a woman into one. Tightly. And Tad Black’s own woman was even more sadistic and dominating than her man, as long as it was a reluctant woman who was the object of her attentions.

Into this world of dominance and pain come four women. None of them is entirely innocent, and yet do any of them really deserve what each eventually receives?

Published: 09 / 2009
No. words: 73700EX8t“May I have some coffee?” Jackie asked as politely as possible.

“No!” Jennifer replied. “There’ll be no stimulants for you! We have business to discuss.”

“Business? What business?” Jackie inquired. “Who are you?”

“My! Aren’t we full of questions?” Jennifer smiled. “You’re here in the control of the master male dominant, Tad Black. I’m Mistress Jennifer, your personal counselor. Listen closely to everything I advise you to do. Tad Black will be here soon, and, if you’re cooperative, he may remove your chastity belt. That’s one of the many reasons you’ve been brought here.”

“I don’t understand!” Jackie Cass responded. “What’s this all about? Where is my husband, Brett Donavan?”

“Be quiet, and listen,” Jennifer modulated softly. “All of your questions will be answered soon enough. You’d best prepare yourself to meet Master Black.”

“Master Black? Who’s he? Prepare myself for what?” Jackie Cass asked.

“Try to speak softly,” Jennifer cautioned. “Master Black doesn’t like abrupt, noisy sounds, unless he creates them himself. First, you’re going to be interrogated! Afterward, Master Black will decide what schooling you’ll need. It would be best if you answered carefully, and don’t speak, unless he asks specific questions. Short answers are best while you’re under training.”

“Training? What training?” Jackie asked. “What are you talking about?”

“Slave training, of course,” Jennifer replied.

“Slave training?” A mystified Jacqueline Cass questioned.

“That’s right, Jennifer replied. Reading from a clipboard, she announced, “To be precise, you’ve been sent by your husband to undergo behavior modification, slave training, and sexual reorientation.”

“What? You’re saying that Brett is responsible for my being here?” Jackie asked.

“Actually,” Jennifer answered, “each female is responsible for her own ultimate fate in life. Your errors in judgment are what brought you to this facility. Don’t try to blame your faults on an innocent male. What a ridiculous statement! – Hush, now! Here comes Master Black. Remember to be on your best behavior.”


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