Slave Of The Internet


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by John Savage

Take a lovely young woman with fantasies of captivity and enslavement, and introduce her to the unbelievable and highly erotic world of the underground Internet, where fantasies more intense than hers abound, and see what happens.

Under the tutorage of a man who she knows only as Mentor, Diane begins her lessons in what it is like to be a captive to ropes and chains and even whips. Bound in impossibly tight ropes, held prisoner by lesbians, and introduced to more pain than she could ever imagine as a whip curls its lash around her body, Diane learns a great deal about herself from those lessons.

When she strikes out on her own, the trouble begins. She finds a private prison where females can be locked up, bound up, and chained up for a day, a weekend or a week. But danger is lurking, and before she knows it Diane is caught in a web of deceit and harsh captivity surpassing even her darkest fantasies.

Published: 2 / 2010         No. words: 60,100EX1t


That was the word repeating in her mind, over and over again: tight, tight, TIGHT.

With a clarity seldom equaled, Diane could feel each of the dozens of ropes that were tightly wound around her body, feel each as it pressed hard against her flesh, as it cut into her with a cruel yet impersonal viciousness. She was vividly aware of how immobile those ropes were holding her body, of how she could not move her arms or legs. Her arms, she could sense, were behind her. She could feel how the ropes lashed her elbows together, totally ignoring the pain that caused her, cruelly crushing her arms together and taking them away from her.

Her legs, she could feel, were also encased in extremely tight ropes, from ankle up to hips they caressed her like pythons crushing their prey.

Then she was aware of the person who was binding her. The shape before her was a man, a large man with bulging muscles upon his bare arms, a bodybuilding, powerful image of strength she was helpless before. He wore tight black pants and boots, but his chest was bare. A blood-red strip of cloth was wrapped around his forehead and a single gold loop earring hung from his left ear. She could see his hands upon the ropes, pulling, pulling, straining to tighten down what could go no tighter. She felt her body constricted under those ropes, breath and life being pushed out of her by the webwork of ropes trying to crush her to the wooden mast.

Around her she could sense other men, all eagerly intent upon the scene before them, the woman who was their captive, their prisoner. She was also aware of the creaking of the rigging, the flap of canvass sails and cry of sea birds.

She felt helpless as she never had before. This man and his companions had made her naked and powerless. They would do with her as they wished, use her, abuse her, and never allow her the slightest degree of freedom ever again. The feeling of helplessness intensified, became the only thing in the world. There was panic and fear, but also an intense excitement that was growing along with the fright.


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