Slavegirls of the Third Reich


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by John Savage

In a world torn by war, lovely young women were kidnapped, held prisoner and tortured in numerous gruesome ways under the guise of medical research by a cruel and evil regime. Horrible torments were inflicted upon innocent women; insufferable pain and agony became their constant companion. All restraints were off as sadists tortured their victims brutally and filmed the anguish for their masters back in Berlin. Into this hell on earth came a loyal officer and a brave soldier. But he made the mistake of falling for a beautiful, dark-eyed beauty. And then a lot of excrement strikes the air circulation device…

Published: 01 / 2010         No. words: 46,500EX1t


This book is fiction.  The characters and events are purely imaginary.

However, the physical and sexual experiments performed on live human subjects have a basis in real reports of events that took place between 1933 and 1945 under orders from the German Nazi hierarchy under the guise of medical research.

Stories of those few who survived Nazi atrocities are well known, and yet little has been written of those who, out of the terror, were to find something to hold onto that otherwise they would never have known.

This is a story of what might have happened for some of them.


For a while he simply looked down at her through the bars.  Oh, lord, but she is a beautiful woman, he thought.  Take her out of here, clean her up and put on a nice dress…  Yet part of the stirrings he felt inside were not to see her in an evening gown but to see her naked and laying on a bed.  The way those curves filled out the thin cloth, the way those long legs curled under her…  This was one woman who affected him like none other had ever.

“Is it true?” she asked finally.

“Is what true?”

“This place here – it is one of those places where…  Where experiments are performed on prisoners?  Or is this just another jail.  Will I be shipped out to one of the camps?”

“Where did you hear about the camps?” he asked seriously.  He knew something about the camps, but they were not general knowledge.

“All the Jews and others are being shipped somewhere,” she said without feeling.

“This is not a camp.”

“Then it is…”

He explained, at least as much as the official story went.

“Then it is as I feared.”

“Where did you hear about such places?”

“There was talk around the university.  And it wasn’t hard to guess.  Haven’t you noticed the whole world had gone crazy?”  A strange smile crossed her lips.

He did not try to argue.  His own feelings were too close to hers.  At a loss for words, he simply stared at her.

“Please…” she said.


“Please…  Shoot me.”

“You wish death?”

“No.  But it is preferable to what will happen to me here.”

Again he could not disagree with her.

“It would be too hard to explain,” he said weakly.  In truth, his mind recoiled from the idea of putting a bullet into this beautiful woman.

“Do you like my body?” she asked, thrusting her breasts out.  “Would you like to fuck me?”

Part of him wanted to scream, “Yes!” but part was strangely shocked at her vulgar offer.

“If I let you fuck me, then will you please shoot me?” she pleaded.

“I could have a couple of guards take you to my bed, tie you down, and then I could screw you all night.  I do not need your permission,” he told her.

A whine escaped her lips and a tear formed in the corner of one eye.  “Then all I can do is ask you to release me.”

He knew she meant with a bullet, not out into the streets.

“If you have any humanity left in you…” she pleaded.

Wagner took a deep breath.  “I cannot,” he replied faintly, then turned and walked quickly away.


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