The Curse and the Rope 2



by John Savage

Those two extremely kinky girls, Colleen and Sandra, are back in a sequel to their first adventure.  Having split up over a disagreement, each went her separate way, Colleen inviting Robert to come and live with her, and Sandra going to live with her boyfriend, Ron.

Colleen, wanting to keep up the nightly ritual she enjoys, tells Robert about the curse and why she must be bound and strapped down to a bed every night, or risk harming herself and others when she “changes into a monster” during the night.  Of course, he believes every word of it, and Colleen enjoys spending every night in blissful helplessness.

Sandra simply admits to Ron that she is kinky and loves bondage very much.  He provides her with enough ropes and screwing while tied to satisfy the most demanding kinky girl.

But all is not well in paradise.  Ron begins to take Sandra for granted and becomes harsher in his treatment of her when she’s bound up.  She finally decides enough is enough and plots to run away from him and return to her lesbian lover, Colleen.

Colleen, however, still has Robert living with her.  Surely it must be Robert’s dream to have two kinky girls in need of bondage, sexual satisfaction and kinky games?  Inevitably, it’s not that simple…

Published: 12 / 2014       No. words: 36,200EX1t

What Colleen said next really surprised me.

“Sandra has expressed a desire to see what it is like to be secured down for the whole night.”

I frowned.  I did???  I didn’t recall saying any such thing.

“Of course, we have only one secure bed.  If she’s using it, then I would be at risk if the curse should overpower me.  And I have had it come upon me more often than usual lately.”

I know I was frowning then.  This curse was all in Colleen’s head.  She was planning something but I couldn’t think of what yet.

“I could order another bed be delivered to the house,” she went on.  “Then both of us could be secured down identically.”

My frown was fading.  I was beginning to get a glimmer of where she was heading.

“Robert, could you figure out a way that both of us could be secured at the same time, but with what we have now?  I can order a new bed tomorrow, but it will probably take days to get it delivered.”

Robert had been paying attention and was grinning.  “I’m sure I could.”  I just know that the image of both of us helpless before him was exciting him.  Truth is, it was exciting me also.

“Then we’ll try that tonight.  Sandra, you’ll get your chance to see what it is like for a whole night.  But I can tell you, it can be pretty boring.”  I don’t know if Robert could see that little twinkle in her eye, but I did.  Turning back to Robert, she added, “If there are any supplies you might need, we can stop at a hardware store or someplace and get them.”

Robert nodded.  I could almost see the gears churning away in his head.  And it was exciting to wonder what he might come up with.

Colleen and I had discussed trying a scene where both of us were truly helpless and unable to even touch each other.  It would be frustrating, and extreme frustration can be a form of torture, but it was a delicious form of torture.  At least, to two kinky girls such as we.

Robert did request we stop at the hardware center.  Telling us to wait for him, he went in alone.  When he came out, he was carrying a big bag but wouldn’t tell us what was in it.

After we got home, he went into the secure room with his bag and told us to stay out.  Like a couple of schoolgirls, we giggled at the ideas we came up with concerning what we thought he might be doing.  Then, about an hour earlier than the usual time for securing Colleen, he invited us into the secured room.

At first I didn’t see what he had done.  The bed was still in its accustomed place; nothing changed there.  But then I saw four large metal rings in the floor.  Going over, Colleen and I inspected them.  Below the carpet there was a wooden floor.  He had used four rather large steel rings with shafts attached like big wood screws.  Those were set through the carpet and into the wood below.  We pulled on one and it was solid as if it were set in concrete.  No way either of us could unscrew it or pull it out.  The four rings made a rectangle on the floor between the bed and the closet.

“And there is this,” he said proudly.  He opened the closet door for us to see within.  The closet was a small walk-in room, maybe six foot by eight.  There were two clothes poles along the sides and wooden shelves above those.  But there were also some more of those rings set into the walls and floor.  He had screwed four rings into the floor, one next to each corner of the small room.  Then four more at waist height and another four near the ceiling.  There were also two rings in the ceiling, near the center but about a foot apart.

“I made sure that all those are screwed into the foundation two by fours, not the plaster wall.  They are all quite solid.”

All kinds of images were filling my head about what could be done with those rings.

“I figured that you two might like to have more than just another bed,” he told us.  “So I arranged some rings that can be used as anchor points for all kinds of bondage.”

Dumb little Robert was kinkier than I had thought.

“I can see what you mean,” Colleen said.  Her voice was that husky tone she gets when she’s sexually turned on.  And Robert did not fail to notice that either.

For a minute she looked over all the rings, pulled at them and mentally measured distance between them.  I just know she was imagining how I could be tied between them.  Or how she could be.  I was thinking the same thing.

Colleen went to Robert, took his head in her hands and kissed him on the lips.  It wasn’t a passion-filled kiss, more of a “thank you” kiss.  Before he could begin to paw her over, she stepped back.

“Okay, so how are we to be secured?” she asked.

“You will be strapped down on the bed as usual,” he told her.  Turning to me, he said, “And you will be stretched out on the floor.”

“Spread-eagle?” I asked.  “That’s not the same as Colleen has.”

“No.  I put four rings in so that a nice spread-eagle could be done.  But for tonight, you will be stretched out between two of them in the same position as Colleen will be.”

I was getting a nice tingle between my legs.  And a growing warmth.

Colleen nodded approval and began pulling her blouse over her head.  I did the same.  In a minute both of us were standing there, naked and ready – no, eager – to be secured down.  I noticed that Colleen did not even try to keep her panties on.  Which made me think that was deliberate so that she could not masturbate herself with them.  She wanted us to both feel the full helplessness, just as we had talked about.

Robert had also purchased additional quantities of rope.  It was a little thicker than the cotton clothesline that Colleen had bought, but when I felt it, it was almost as soft.  It might have been nylon rope but it was not hard at all.

He tied Colleen’s hand behind her, wrists crossed.  Then mine.  I paid attention to how he did the turns and where he tied the knots.  It was in my mind to try my best to escape.  I knew I would enjoy the helplessness, but I also knew it would be fun to defeat Robert’s efforts.  Sort of a contest all over again.

Colleen later told me that both of us trying our hardest to escape was a good thing.  If either of us succeeded, then Robert would have to do better next time.  And since what we sought was true, absolute helplessness, that would be for the better.

He had us both sit on the bed, side by side.  With that nylon rope he bound our ankles together, nice and tightly.  It was our turn to be gagged next and he did a good job of it, wrapping the tape around our heads pretty tightly.

He picked me up and easily moved me over to the center for the rectangle of rings where he set me on my feet and told me to stand there.  With bound ankles it was a little difficult to keep balance, but not too hard.

Colleen was then stretched out on the bed and secured down in the usual way.  Her feet were tied to the bottom railing of the bed, and the belt-like strap was secured around her waist and locked there.  We both knew from past experiences that Colleen could not escape from those restraints.  She had tried many, many times.

I was curious to see how he would restrain me.


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