Tanya’s Toy



by John Savage

Colleen’s life as a slavegirl is not becoming any easier. The contract she signed to put herself into slavery for one year because she desperately needed the money has, it seems, been disregarded, and now the behavior of her Mistress is becoming steadily more extreme.Tanya is also showing more interest in Colleen, and yet her priorities appear to be taking a rather different direction. Along with the pain and the restraints there is definitely something else, and perhaps there is a little more to it for Tanya than simply her own pleasure and Colleen’s suffering…

This is a sequel to “The Slave Who Sold Herself.”

Published: 11 / 2013        No. words: 33,270


Mistress spaced out the blows, savoring them and the reactions they produced, mostly loud cries that never quite reached the intensity of the first scream.  But that had come as a surprise, catching the slave off guard, as it were.  With just the riding crop in use, there was a lot of pain shooting into the attractive body, but not as much as could be had with a more serious whip.  Still, Mistress was enjoying herself.

With the twentieth blow (but no one was keeping count), Mistress put aside the riding crop and resumed with the dildo.  It took a bit to get this slavegirl back to moaning with pleasure, but Mistress was skillful and added just a little teasing and massaging to go along with the pumping.  And again, just as Colleen was becoming seriously interested in this, the dildo was withdrawn and replaced with the riding crop.

What an interesting sound the crop makes when striking the flesh between slave’s legs, Mistress thought.  Sort of a twack!  Or a splat!  Almost a wet sound.  Maybe that was because of the slave’s undoubted arousal.  Anyway, Mistress enjoyed hearing the sound it made.

Colleen had finally reached the point where she was pleading for a cessation of the torment.  Of course, her pleas were as sweet as the moans and screams to Mistress.  She ignored them, just as she ignored the sobbing that had started as soon as she began cropping up between the girl’s legs.  Colleen was finally reduced to moaning a “Noooooo!  Noooo!” repeated over and over.

Mistress’ arm was growing fatigued.  The last dozen or so swats had been delivered with as much strength as she could manage.  At last, she stood back and let the riding crop fall to the floor.

For a while there was only the sound of weeping.  The two women were both panting, but for different reasons.  Mistress scrunched up her face and clasped her groin with both hands.  Digging her fingers in like claws, she backed up until she was leaning against the wall.  One hand fumbled with the belt of hercatsuit, finally managing to loosen it enough to slip her hand inside.  Then she was gasping, much as the tormented slavegirl had, as she frantically played with herself.  Her body arched away from the wall until only her head was touching and it seemed, for all the world, as if she were thrusting her hips to the bound slave.  All the while, her eyes were fixed upon the sobbing and hurting slave.

Several loud gasps announced the coming of Mistress’ ultimate pleasure.  She slid down the wall and curled up on the floor.

Meanwhile, Colleen continued to weep and feel a horrible burning between her legs.  Oddly, the only thought in her mind at that point was a frustrating wish that the dildo was back inside her!


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