Experiments in Pain


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by John Savage

Someone is snatching coeds right off the university campus, but no one knows what is happening to them – except, of course, the kidnappers and the girls themselves. Held prisoner in cages, ropes and chains, the girls are subjected to all manner of painful experiments, apparently in the name of scientific research.

When the malevolent figures in white coats kidnap Linda Goodbody, a particularly close friend of Private Detective Sled Speed, all hell breaks loose. It is not long before bullets are flying and assorted damsels in distress are rescued in the nick of time, but finding Linda is proving more difficult. Will Sled manage to track her down before her beautiful body and wonderfully intense sex drive is ruined forever?

Published: 12 / 2010          No. words: 59,400EX1t


That was the name of the game, thought Phyllis as she suppressed a groan of agony. That was all these bastards wanted: pain. My pain.

The kidnapped sorority sister had been fixed up in a manner that would ensure discomfort edging into pain as time wore on, but just her restraints were not enough for the two men who held her captive. First off, she had been dragged from her cage while half asleep that morning, and taken into the room next to the cages where she had been tortured the day before. In her cage she was naked, her wrists crossed and bound behind her back, and her ankles tied together, also crossed. She had found that the best way to sleep was on her stomach with her legs bent at the knees because the cage was not long enough to allow her to fully stretch out.

The large room they took her into combined the impersonal, sterile         aspects of a research laboratory with the equipment of a dungeon. There were no windows, no photos or paintings or other decoration upon the bare walls. One wall was lined with strange looking electronic equipment, files and two desks with computer terminals. The rest of the room was given over to the traditional devices of the Spanish Inquisition: pillory, stocks, whipping post, and other devices not so easily named but designed to inflict pain and agony upon the female form.

The day before, they had bound her to the round wooden post, then whipped her bottom until she felt as if her poor flesh had been torn to ribbons. It was to her surprise when she was taken back to her cage and able to explore her rear end with her fingers, only to find the flesh swollen and sore with ridges where the whip had touched, but unbroken. As the younger one slowly whipped her, spacing the blows out across her whole bottom and in time, the other one took notes. From the few comments they made, she gathered that they were establishing her pain tolerance. At least, to that wicked little black whip they used. Never had Phyllis experience such pain. Her bottom had been spanked many times, even hit a few times with a belt, but never with an honest whip designed to inflict pain. That was far worse than anything she had every experienced at the sorority, even during their rougher games.

This morning, she was set down in a chair in the dungeon part of the lab, a metal chair bolted to the floor and lacking arms. The younger guy knelt down to untie her ankles. As he did, Phyllis looked around nervously. There was that terrible pole that had held her so solidly while this bastard wailed away on her ass. The pillory suggested prolonged agony for a girl left in it all day. Phyllis knew how uncomfortable it could become when enforced immobility was your lot. She had often spent a few hours in some tight rope bondage in the sorority basement, or even in her own room. And there was that special chair in the basement – the one with the dildo in the middle of the seat, the chair that held each girl very firmly, but very pleasurably.

The man took the ropes off her ankles and stood up. As he did, Phyllis, in a wild moment of desperation, stood and brought her knee up as hard as she could into his crotch, a blow that, had it landed, would have disabled any man. Fortunately for him, the blow did not connect with its target. Instead, her knee struck his thigh. He had been expecting something like that.

“That was a mistake,” he told her calmly. “Our experimental subjects are expected to be well behaved at all times. If not, they are punished to enforce proper behavior.” He pushed her back down into the chair. “You stay there,” he commented. Then he casually walked over to that pole where she had been lashed the day before and dropped the rope next to it. He selected several more lengths of rope from a cabinet and brought them over to where she sat nervously watching him.

Phyllis was scared. Her ill-advised attempt at freedom had gained her nothing, expect perhaps a punishment. But after the whipping of yesterday, she had to wonder what he meant by “punishment” and what it would be like. She cast a glance at the door through which they had brought her. And the door at the other end of the room. Did freedom lie beyond? Could she dash for it, open it with wrists still bound behind her, and be out before he caught her? Unlikely.

“Don’t even think about it,” he said, his back turned to her as he tossed the ropes next to the pole. “The doors are locked. Only the Professor and I can open them.”

Phyllis felt her heart sink. “Please…” she began. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“You are an experimental subject. We are exploring the limits of human female endurance of and tolerance to pain. And other aspects of that general problem. The Professor is a brilliant and respected scientist. Together we are pushing back the frontiers of knowledge in the area of pain.”

“But why kidnap me?”

He laughed. “You are rather stupid. Do you think it’s easy to get volunteers? You had a little taste of the experiments yesterday. Do you think most women would offer their bodies for such experiments?” A very evil grin came over his face as he added, “And experiments far worse than a little whipping.”

Phyllis whined in fear. This could not be happening to her! It was a nightmare.

“The police will be looking for me,” she said, trying to keep her voice from trembling.

“Please, don’t go through that whole spiel. I’ve heard it from the others. First you’ll threaten me with the police. Then you’ll tell me that you’ll escape. Then you’ll tell me how rich your father is and that he’ll gladly pain any ransom. All of which makes no difference. I have all the money I want, there is no way the police will ever find this place, and escape is impossible. Now shut up.”


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