Sacrifice to an Angry God


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by John Savage

Flickering torches, a deep underground cavern with a swift flowing, inky black river, and a lovely, naked woman standing on the edge, arms and legs bound with cruelly tight rope. Ancient chants and black robed figures with no faces showing. She weeps and tries to beg but the gag prevents words. It does not, however, prevent the scream that echoes in the cavern at the end of the ceremony.

A sweet young coed makes the mistake of accepting a date with the wrong man and finds herself tightly bound and the prisoner of a group of people determined to save the world – no matter how many sweet, young, innocent girls they have to sacrifice!

But before it is her turn to take the journey into darkness, these sadists play with her helpless body, satisfying both their sexual hungers and wrapped desires to hurt and abuse. She becomes acquainted with the whip for the first time in her young life, and learns how horrible the pain can be. By the time they drag her down to the depths of the earth, she is battered, abused and degraded. Maybe any escape will be a welcome way out. Or maybe only the beginning of something far worse.

Published: 10 / 2011         No. words: 40,450EX1t

The gag was unbuckled and pulled from her mouth.  At first, she could not quite talk because of the stiffness of her jaw.  When she could, she immediately asked, “Please untie me.  My arms hurt.”

The middle-aged man snorted.  The smile he had on his face suggested that she had just told a joke.  “Honey, you stay tied.”

”Why are you doing this to me?”

”You’ll find out soon enough,” said Bill, with a grin.

”If you let me go, I promise I won’t go to the police or anything.”  There was real desperation in her voice.

“We know you won’t be going to the police, sweetie,” informed the woman.

Maggie was lifted into a sitting position with her back to the steel bars of what she now saw was, indeed, a cell.  Not exactly like in the prison movies, more of a homemade cell, but the concrete walls on two sides and the steel barred door looked quite adequate to restrain a woman.

”Now you listen, and listen good,” the one called Nancy told her as she knelt down so their faces were almost on a level.  “You keep quiet when you’re in your cell, and we’ll leave the gag off.  But if we hear any noise, that gag, or a worse one, will go right back in your mouth. And, sweetie, it ain’t no picnic having to be gagged all night.  I know.”

”You’re going to lock me in this cell?”

”Bright, ain’t she?” said Bill, sarcastically.

”Please… Untie me.  These ropes hurt and I’ve been tied up for so long.  I can’t get out of that cell.  You’ve got a lock on the door.”

”You got that right, honey,” the second man told her.  “You ain’t going to be able to get out of there.  But you’re also going to stay tied.”

”But why…?”

“’Cause we like it,” sneered Bill.

”Sweetie,” Nancy began, “You cooperate and things will go a lot easier with you.  Don’t, and you’ll suffer.  Simple, no?  And I mean suffer.  Like little Suzy over there.”  She gestured with a thumb to the right.

Maggie followed the point and was shocked to see another woman in another cell.  And, as Nancy had said, this one was suffering.  Maggie could not believe her eyes.  The woman was naked and had been hung up by her ankles.  Apparently each cell had a hook in the ceiling.  The poor girl had been bound with her arms behind her back, elbows tight together, legs tied at the knees and ankles, then she was hoisted up by the ankles until she hung with her head a couple feet off the floor.  She was a young looking blonde with long, silky hair that hung down to the floor.  She was slender with a very narrow waist and small but perky breasts.  Her eyes were closed, and Maggie could see that she had one of those rubber ball gags in her mouth.  The girl did not respond, even when mentioned by Nancy.

“Is she…  Is she dead?” asked Maggie with a tremor in her voice.  The girl was motionless.

“That’s a laugh,” said Nancy, with a chuckle.  “Edmond, show her.”

The older man smiled and opened the cell with a key from his ring.  The blonde did not stir until he reached out and pinched a nipple hard.  Then the hanging girl groaned and twisted her body slowly.  “She’s a little tired.  Been hanging like that all night,” he said.

The blonde’s eyelids fluttered but never quite opened fully.  “I think she’s not well,” said Maggie.  “I don’t think it’s good to leave someone hanging upside down like that.”

“Posh!  She’s fine.  Just a little fatigued.  It’s sort of a strain.”  Edmond was closing and locking the cell door as he talked.  “If you think otherwise, you can find out for yourself.  Real easy, it is.”

Maggie was smart enough to know he was threatening her with the same treatment.  She bit back a nasty reply.  But she could not stop the trembling caused by fear.

“Come on, it’s late,” complained Bill.  “Let’s get this over with.”

Maggie noticed that he was looking at Nancy when he said that and, with a woman’s instinct, she knew that those two were sleeping together.  The man was none too subtle.

She was picked up and placed in the middle of the cell.  Then the door closed with a soft clang.  The padlock went through the hasp and clicked shut.  Maggie wanted very badly to say something, anything that might keep her from having to spend the rest of the night tightly bound and naked, but she did not know what to say.  The total control and power these three people had over her was very intense.  And scary.


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