Slavegirl In Training 2


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by John Savage

Tanya, the young girl sold into slavery by her father in an impoverished eastern European country, is back. After initial training that included whippings, assorted tortures and sexual abuse, including the stealing of her virginity, this unwilling slavegirl is sold to a new owner, a cruel mistress if ever there was one. Barely surviving being shipped to her new home tightly bound and locked in a coffin, she is welcomed as a pet for a French family whose ownership of slavegirls goes back in history. A mother and stepdaughter take turns abusing her and teaching her the art of lesbian love-making. Then the son comes home and she finds herself strangely attracted to this handsome but cruel man, even when he gives her to his friends to torture and use sexually.

Published: 12 / 2009         No. words: 39,200EX1t

Yvonne rose and walked from the room, leaving Tanya to struggle back up to her knees. For many minutes she knelt there, expecting the return of her owner but finding only silence. She took the time to look around. In addition to the desk and computer, there were a few filing cabinets and a couple of padded chairs around a small coffee table.

When Yvonne finally returned, she had a wicked gleam in her eye. “Come, slave,” she ordered, “I have something to show you.”

Tanya was led to another room, apparently a bedroom to judge by the presence of a bed and a dresser. On the bed was a naked woman laying face down. It took Tanya a moment to realize that the girl was Angelique. She was totally naked and bound with very tight ropes into a compact hogtie. She was also positioned at the end of the bed with her head hanging over the edge. She looked up when they entered, with a strange mixture of anticipation and dislike on her face.

Tanya was pushed down to her knees at the end of the bed and then told to crawl forward until her breasts were right up in Angelique’s face.

“Now show this slut slavegirl how a woman is supposed to service a woman’s breasts!” Yvonne commanded.

As Angelique began licking Tanya’s left nipple, Yvonne knelt down beside her. “Angelique normally would never do this for a mere slavegirl,” she told Tanya. “But she wants to play with you, and I made it a condition that she is first to teach you how to suck a breast properly. After she finishes with this lesson – which will last long enough so that you will have no excuse for not doing it properly – she will get you for the rest of the day. See? It works out very well for both of you, no?”

Tanya did not reply. She was too busy enjoying the sensations that other woman’s tongue and lips were creating in her. Tiny shivers of pleasure were racing down her spine as the very sensitive nerves there were stimulated most expertly.

Angelique alternated left and right, and showed Tanya some things that she would never have thought of herself. Like licking the underside of her breast where there were more nerves than she would have thought.

Tanya could not ignore the sexual excitement that this “service” was generating within her body. She felt a heat between her legs, and a strong desire to have hands that she could hold onto this girl’s head with. She had to content herself with pushing her breasts forward.

Finally, when Yvonne sensed that Tanya was excited enough, she pulled the girl away. Angelique blinked a few times and turned her face up to Yvonne’s. “Merde, that was horrible. I should not have to service a slavegirl! It just is not right. And these ropes hurt.” She lowered her head as if exhausted by her efforts. But Tanya could hear her mutter to the floor, “She stop me too soon.”

Yvonne sat on the bed next to Angelique and ran her fingernails along the girl’s flank. Angelique shivered and tried to jerk herself away. Yvonne smiled, took an ankle in one hand and traced light lines on the sole of the bare foot with her fingernails. Angelique jerked about but could not pull her foot away from this minor torment. She whined and tried to twist her hands free, but refused to laugh even as her sole was tickled.

“Remember, little one, how I used to tie you up and tickle you until you were crying? You said you hated it, but I think not. How many times did you provoke me into doing it?”

“I hated it,” Angelique said. “And I still do. It is cruel to tickle a helpless girl.”

“Ah, yes, that is true. It is most cruel. But I do so love doing it to you.” She ran her fingers along the girl’s side from the hip up to the shoulder. Angelique squirmed. “Remember that time in the garden when you laughed so much that you wet yourself? I had to use the garden hose to clean you off before I could untie you.”

Angelique remembered, and a scowl crossed her face.

“Well, another time for the reminiscing. And playing such delightful games. I did promise you could have this slave for the rest of the day and you did earn that privilege. I will therefore untie you.”

She proceeded to remove the ropes from her stepdaughter, slowly and with a great deal of tickling the naked flesh. Finally the last rope fell from the girl’s wrists and she sat up on the bed. Looking down at the red indentations on her wrists and elbows, she said, “You are so cruel to me. Look what you have done.”

Yvonne swatted her on the bare bottom and rose from the bed. “Have fun with this slave,” she said, “But no permanent marks. You know the rules. Hurt her if you wish, but do nothing that will not heal. Comprends?”

“Oui, ma mère, je comprend.”

“D’accord. Have fun.” Then Yvonne was gone, leaving her naked stepdaughter and slavegirl alone.

Angelique looked down at the kneeling slavegirl and grinned most evilly. Terrible plans were formulating inside the pretty head and Tanya felt a shiver of fear run down her spine. The last ten minutes had felt so good… Now comes the pain.


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