The Taking Of Sarah MacDonnel


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by John Savage

Sarah is young and beautiful, and the daughter of the American Ambassador. Choosing to stay at the Embassy with her father after many of the other staff have been evacuated as the country in plunged into a bloody revolution, the decision is finally taken that it is too dangerous for anyone to remain. In the confusion of the preparations to leave and the battles raging outside, Sarah is kidnapped. Taken far away to become a sex and pain toy, she faces a bleak future. Alone, naked and constantly chained or bound, she quickly discovers that her captor is as interested in making her suffer as he is in using her gorgeous body.

And then it all becomes worse.

From a pampered, wealthy playgirl who had everything she could ever want, Sarah becomes a helpless plaything, discovering the bitter taste of the whip, the strained agony of prolonged and contorted bondage, and the humiliation of being used and abused by strange men.

** “The Taking of Sarah MacDonnel” by John Savage was originally published in two parts in paperback 2000/2001. This new edition has been compiled by John Savage from the original, unexpurgated manuscripts **

Published: 11 / 2009        No. words: 60,000EX1t

The crack of handguns mixed with the staccato of automatic weapons fire masked the almost silent approach of the dark figure behind her, his footsteps further muted by the plush carpet.  Only when he was directly behind her did she begin to turn.  Suddenly a gloved hand clamped across her mouth, stifling the cry of surprise before it could form.  She struggled, but male strength prevailed and she felt herself being forced down to the carpet.  With his knee in the small of her back, he pinned her to the floor.  His head came down close to hers, and he told her, “Make any noise and I’ll break your arm.”

Sarah tried to scream.  The hand muffled it but suddenly she felt a pain in her right arm as he jerked it up on her back.  A cry of anger turned to one of pain for he was none too gentle with the young woman.  She ceased her struggles.

“I’m going to take my hand away,” the voice over her said.  ‘Do not make any noise or I’ll hurt you far worse than this.”  The hand slowly came away.

“Please, what do you want?” she said in a surprisingly calm voice.

Her head was pushed roughly into the carpet.  “I said be silent!” he hissed.  “Do not struggle or you’ll be hurt.”

Sarah could feel his weight and strength, and she knew she had no chance to fight against this man.

To her great relief, her arm was lowered down her back, but her other arm was pulled behind her and she felt the bite of thin cords upon her wrists.  “Please don’t tie me up,” she begged.

His slap was a shock and surprisingly hard.  Her ears rang for a second and the side of her face stung.  Sarah, being an intelligent woman, shut her mouth.

Quickly her wrists were corded together with cruel tightness, and then the man was shifting around and she felt his hands sliding down her legs.  In only a few seconds, her ankles were also corded together.  He shifted again and she felt his hand gather her hair into a bundle behind her.  He was pulling her head back by the hair.  She would have cried out at the pain but something was suddenly and violently shoved into her mouth as it opened.  Her head was let down, but she could feel his hands doing something at the back of her head and she realized that whatever it was in her mouth was held in by a strap around her head.

A new level of fear set in as she realized how helpless this man had made her in just a minute.  Her wrists were solidly bound behind her, as were her feet, and she could not speak. Something filled her mouth, forced her jaw open, and prevented her tongue from moving or words from forming.

Shaking as hard as she could to dislodge him from her back, Sarah also tried to yell.  What came out did not sound much like a call for help, and was not very loud.  It also earned her a hard swat across the rear from a strong male hand.

“I said be quiet, woman.”

As soon as his weight was off her, Sarah rolled over onto her back.  Standing above her was the man who had bound her, but she could see little beyond his shape outlined against the red wall.  His face seemed to be covered by some kind of a mask.

What did this man want?  She could not ask with that gag in her mouth.  What was he going to do?  She feared that greatly.  In all the twenty years of her life, she had never been handled like this or been so scared.  What did he want?  Money?  He did not appear to be one of the natives.  He was a little bigger than most of them, and his voice was wrong.

The dark shape bent over her and Sarah tried to wiggle away, but she could not escape his hands.  They were gripping her shoulders and lifting her to her feet to stand there unsteadily.  He bent and placed his shoulder into her middle, and then straightened, picking her up like a sack of potatoes.  The string of pearls broke and tiny white spheres bounced all over the carpet.  He carried her out of the apartment she had shared with her father for six months, into a night filled with turmoil and death.


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