So You Thought You Knew Me


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by Mark Stephens

Born into a fundamentalist cult where “normal” relationships had been abandoned and the sole purpose of women was to produce as many children as possible, Annette was far from happy with her life. She left, and on the run she became a drug mule, an escort, a hooker and, finally, a police informant. Now at risk from her previous associates, the police found her a new home and a new family. Suddenly Annette had two older “brothers”, but as a result of her previous life – or perhaps simply because she was that kind of young women – she desperately needed sexual relationships, and plenty of them. In fact, her new older “brother” encouraged her and helped her to find as many young men as she wanted. After many sexual encounters of many varieties, Annette met Jay, who assumed she was innocent and virginal. She did not disillusion him, and she married him, but inevitably he slowly began to find out the truth. Unfortunately, he overheard part of a conversation and completely misunderstood the situation. Furious, and thinking that his wife had been abused when she was younger, he set out to take revenge – with disastrous consequences.

A powerful, uncompromising story of love, sexuality and revenge, for adults only.

Published: 11 / 2014
No. words: 90,950


Johann arrived home unexpectedly, heard noises from his parents’ bedroom, and found his dad and Lillie ‘at it’.     He threatened to tell his mom, and accused Lillie of being a witch, saying that she had put a spell on his dad.     She in turn challenged him by pointing out that she had noticed him looking down her blouse and under her skirt when she was washing the floor, and asked if he had ever ‘done it’.     After a lot of excuses he confessed that he had not, so she suggested that maybe he wanted to and perhaps she could teach him a few things.

When she stroked the front of his trousers, it was obvious that he was aroused and she was delighted with what she found there.     They made a deal. He kept quiet, and she provided the training and sex, and my job was to see that they were not caught. He did not need condoms as she was already in the family way.     For a couple of months they carried on in this way, until one day I sensed that they were up to something different.

I heard laughter and more noise than usual, so I decided to see what they were doing. Her top was off and I could see him stroking her large breasts as she was rubbing oil on his cock then her bum.     She bent over the end of the sofa, spread her legs, and waited.     Holding her large, soft, well-formed cheeks with both hands, he pulled them apart and pressed himself against her.     She was trying to get him in, and slowly and with lots of hip movement from both of them she did.

Seldom if ever had I seen a look like I now saw on his face: pure joy.     He paused for a moment, as though he still could not believe what he was doing, and then he started to fuck her.     She countered by moving back as he moved forward, as though she was trying to get him further inside.     There was no doubt that they were enjoying what they were doing and oblivious to anything else.

It was only when they finished that they noticed me watching.

“You were supposed to be keeping a lookout,” he said

“It’s okay,” Lillie told him.     “She’s now had the chance to learn something.”

“We will corrupt her, the way we are going.     You do know that?”

“Of course,” she replied. “And maybe we should. Right now I need to get dressed and get this house sorted out.     But first I need that joint, so let’s go outside”

I had heard them mention joints and drugs before, but had not paid much attention. It seemed now that because she had allowed anal sex, her reward would be the opportunity to smoke pot.

So here they were, Johann and Lillie, on the porch, smoking and producing a strange and unfamiliar smell.     She called me over and suggested I try some.

“Inhale deeply and hold your breath for as long as you can,” she told me.

I became dizzy, but it was a nice dizziness, then I did it again before they took the ‘joint’ away. That was my introduction to pot.     Over the years, Johann had me use marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy and other drugs, but for now it was only alcohol and pot.     Later, when he and I were lovers and had the house to ourselves, he would get me drunk, and high for the whole weekend.     He found this funny, and insisted I only wear a short t-shirt and remain naked from the waist down.     When I went to pee, he and Lillie would come in and watch, and I never figured out why they liked it.     The only explanation I received was that I looked so very young and innocent, so it turned them on.

I saw them doing it many times, and on one occasion after he had done her anally, he said, “That was great. You were so nice and tight, and I felt your inside muscles squeezing me.     When I do you the other way, sometimes you do that as well, and it feels like you are holding him in your hands.     How do you do it?”

“Easy. Anyone can do it with a little practice,” she said.     “Pretend you want to pee but can’t.     How do you hold back?     It’s the same as that.”

I had never considered it before, but now I knew what to do, so I soon developed strong internal muscles that were used frequently.

Until she was almost full term, they had sex on a regular basis, even after I became involved.

During this time I discovered many things.     Although I thought that my new family were the opposite of the people I had known at The Church of Love and the gang who had used me as a drug mule and a prostitute, I realized that there was really not much difference. Everyone was having sex, Sharron with Jan the gynecologist and many others, Lillie with both Derrick and Johann, and Petrus with me.


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